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You told us, so we are

Student feedback is important to us at UOW

We use your feedback to improve your experience while you’re a student.

We want to make sure we’re doing everything to make the time you have as a UOW student as useful, fulfilling, and transformative for you as we can.

We’re sharing what we learned, and what we’re doing about it.


Students value ongoing services and support that will help you to be successful in your studies.

Student satisfaction with support was relatively steady (-1.7%), but pleasingly, the proportion of students who were satisfied with the support they received relevant to their personal circumstances increased compared to the previous survey.  

So we are…

Keeping student services and support switched on, and embedding more types of personalised support, available anytime, anywhere.

  • We know that the COVID-19 global pandemic, and changes to the way students live and study, have had significant impacts (across financial, wellbeing, and social aspects of life). That’s why we’re making sure we can provide as much support as we can.
  • We will continue to offer our free and confidential 24/7 Student Wellbeing Support Line, available to students enrolled at any UOW Australian campus to make sure you have help when you need it.
  • We are making new services available to provide more personalised academic and wellbeing support for students. This semester we are piloting a new 24hr online service for students who want to improve their study and research skills. Students can also get feedback on their writing skills and support with tricky maths topics.  
  • Find out the full range of services and support available for students.

UOW’s online learning platforms should be easier to use.

Students said navigation was often hard and information within the platforms often felt disorganised.

So we are…

Working hard to improve our online learning sites.

  • This is among our top learning and teaching priorities. Using digital technology to provide a richer learning experience has always been a high priority at UOW, but now it’s at the absolute top of the list.
  • You will find subject sites easier to use as UOW adopts a more consistent navigation and user experience. You will also feel more confident about finding learning materials across different subject sites.

Upgraded technology.

  • We have recently upgraded technology in many of the Wollongong campus classrooms, improving how we capture, record, and live stream lectures for students studying online.
  • Over 2021 and 2022, UOW will continue to build a ‘digital campus’ – because technology doesn’t just make learning more flexible, it can also make it more engaging and effective.

How we are responding to your feedback for better access (video)

The main aspect of online learning that students want to retain is the flexibility it provides.

So we are…

Keeping flexible options.

  • We are recording more lectures using lecture capture, wherever the technology is available (it’s becoming available in more and more classrooms). This also means less timetable clashes, and easier ways to catch up or revise materials.
  • We are providing more ways for students to access the information they need, but may have missed (like information covered in tutorials).

How we are responding to your feedback for more flexibility (video)

Online study, on the whole, increased students’ work load.

52.2% of students said that both their study load, and workload for subjects had increased.


So we are…

Evolving online delivery.

  • Academics are working hard to improve the way we deliver subjects online, focussing on improving the digital learning experience of students and on improving online assessment. This work will continue for the coming 1-2 years, based on what we have learned about good online delivery.
  • We are re-platforming online exam delivery (implementing improved technology), to directly tackle the issues students faced with online exams.

Most students missed being able to come to campus to study.

While 74% of students ended up doing all units online, 76.3% told us they would prefer study to return to campus.


So we are…

Returning to a vibrant and safe campus experience as soon as possible is among our top priorities.

  • We know most of you miss being on campus and making the most of the social aspects of uni. We continue to be committed to bringing students back on campus safely and returning to a fully vibrant campus experience as soon as we can.
  • Remote activities that connect you to your peers will continue to be available (e.g. Couch conversations, Global community connections, Peer assistance coaching). All peer-led programs will continue to have online delivery wherever possible.
  • Find out the full range of services and support available for students

Tell us what you think

We’re working hard to improve the student experience at UOW and welcome your feedback anytime. Share your thoughts using our feedback system where you can submit a comment, compliment, or suggestion.