Leaving UOW

We understand that circumstances change, and that your studies are not always the biggest priority in your lives.

Before deciding to leave UOW, please follow the below steps. These steps are designed to provide you with tailored support throughout this process, and assist you with any questions you may have.

Step 1: Contact a Student Support Coordinator

Student Support Coordinators can help you with any questions you have about your studies, including providing information about academic support, or referring you to other services provided at the University or in the local community. There are Student Support Coordinators available to assist students who are studying at all UOW Campuses and in all UOW Faculties.

Step 2: Consider alternative options to withdrawing

There are many options and support services in place to help you succeed. Please consider accessing as much information about how to best tailor your studies to your lifestyle before choosing to withdraw from your degree:

Leave of Absence (LOA)

If you would like to take some time off instead of ceasing studies, you can apply for a LOA period. LOA periods will be dependent on the type of student you are, i.e., Domestic or International, and the eligibility criteria outlined here.

Full-time vs Part-time study

You may wish to consider whether a change to your study-load would add value to your current experience. Changes to study loads differ for Domestic, International and sponsored students, learn more about study loads and eligibility criteria.

UOW support services

There are a range of services and support available to you as a UOW student, these include academic and personal support, as well as help transitioning into study and beyond.

Step 3: Complete our UOW exit survey

We would like to hear about your experiences at UOW, your reasons behind choosing to leave, and any feedback you may have for us to improve our student offerings in the future. Before (or following) withdrawing, please complete our quick exit survey online.

Step 4: Withdraw from all subjects in SOLS

You must withdraw from all of your enrolled subjects in SOLS before UOW will register you as a withdrawn student. Find out more information on how to withdraw from subjects.

If you decide to leave UOW, your next steps will depend on whether you are a Domestic or International student.

Please read and consider the following domestic or international student information carefully.

Leaving before census date

If you have decided to leave UOW, you must consider both financial and enrolment liabilities. If your payment option is set to HECS HELP loan, you must withdraw from all subjects (in which you are enrolled in SOLS) before the session’s census date.  This will 

  • avoid ‘failed’ grades; and
  • ensure debts are reported appropriately to the Australian Taxation Office.

More information on how to withdraw from subjects is available here

Leaving after census date

If a LOA request is not submitted prior to the session’s census date, you may be subject to enrolment and financial liabilities.  These will dependent on the timing of your application:

Please note, if you do not withdraw from subjects, and do not enrol in your next session of study (without seeking an official LOA), your course will lapse. If you wish to return to UOW after your course has lapsed, you must make an application for a new offer.


Next steps

If you would prefer to discuss the above options in person, please feel free to come and see a Student Service representative in Student Central.  Alternatively you can call us on 1300 275 869, or email us at askuow@uow.edu.au 

If you have explored all options above, and still decide to leave UOW, please take a moment to complete our quick survey so we can capture your experience as a student at UOW. 

If you are an international student and are considering leaving UOW, please refer to the Student visa compliance, leaving UOW web page for considerations prior to leaving UOW.  

Important: If you do not seek an official withdrawal from your subjects at UOW, your course may lapse. This can result in non-compliance with student visa conditions as set by the Department of Home Affairs.