Australian campuses

UOW is a global network of campuses, delivering world-class research and teaching to students in Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

You can find where your preferred course is offered by searching Course Finder. Our domestic campuses are located in Wollongong, Sydney and in regional centres.


UOW’s main Wollongong campus is set in native Australian bush and is one of the most picturesque university campuses in Australia. Less than two kilometres east is UOW’s Innovation Campus – a research and technology precinct that houses innovative organisations as well as some of UOW’s leading research institutes.


UOW has two campuses in Australia’s largest city, Sydney, and a new campus in one of Australia’s fastest growing regions, the Great South West.


In 1993 UOW established the first of its regional campuses in the Shoalhaven. Since then the network has been extended so that residents of other regional areas can benefit from a university education close to home.

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International campuses and teaching locations

Beyond Australia UOW has campuses in the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Malaysia and a presence in China and Singapore. UOW has also established partnerships with a number of international education institutions to provide students with opportunities to access quality education delivered by UOW outside Australia.

UOW campus locations

Transnational education partners

Twinning arrangements

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International linkages

We have formal agreements with more than 400 overseas institutions in 45 countries spanning research collaborations, teaching collaborations, credit arrangements, articulation arrangements, study abroad and exchange programs and offshore program delivery. UOW connects people who want to learn new things and improve the world around them.

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