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Speaker 1 [00:00:02] I'm Theo Farrell. I'm the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Life at UOW. I'm responsible for ensuring that we deliver great courses and a fantastic uni experience for our students.


Speaker 2 [00:00:13] I love all the subjects that I'm doing. I love the on-campus practicals, because you really get more of a hands-on experience.


Speaker 3 [00:00:20] I found sitting behind a laptop with just a bit painful, and if you're not talking to the lecturer, it was hard.


Speaker 4 [00:00:27] I'm not really too bothered about doing all online, sort of, lectures, because I probably wouldn't want to do in-person lectures, especially with COVID.


Speaker 5 [00:00:34] The social side of uni definitely makes uni so much easier to get through. Just having people to talk to and doing the same degree, or even just having someone else there, it just helps.


Speaker 1 [00:00:43] One of the ways that you can make your voice heard is through the Student Experience Survey. So, when you get an email about the Student Experience Survey, please fill it out. Tell us what you think. Tell us how we're doing. Tell us how we can do better.

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