Changing course or campus

Changing a course or campus

Once you have completed a session of study in your original course, you can apply for a course transfer.  

Eligibility is assessed on the entry requirements for the new course and an academic assessment of your readiness to succeed in the new course. Readiness to succeed might include a range of factors including grades and WAM in your current degree. 

Some courses have specific transfer requirements. Details are available for different degrees at:

If you have not yet started your degree or you are only in the first week of session, contact Future Students to seek a new offer for your preferred course.

If you have already enrolled in subjects under your current degree and you no longer want to complete these, refer to key deadlines for subject withdrawal and contact AskUOW for advice on how to best proceed. 

For detailed information about requirements for course transfers and how to apply, see the AskUOW articles for Can I transfer Courses? And Can I transfer to a different campus?