Changing course or campus

Changing a course or campus

To make a change to what or where you are studying, there are many options available (see below). Decisions are dependent on the type of student you are, (Undergraduate or Postgraduate), how many sessions of your current degree have been completed, and whether you meet the entry requirements of the degree you are seeking to transfer into.

Step 1 - Understand the Entry Requirements

Details on transfer entry requirements available for different degrees can be found at:
•    The Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities Course Transfers
•    Business & Law Course Transfers
•    Science, Medicine & Health Course Transfers
Applications to course transfer will be assessed on the entry requirements of the new degree.

Step 2 - Complete one session of study

You will need to complete one session of study under your current degree to be eligible to course transfer.

If you have not completed a session of study, you can seek a new offer from the Future Students team and be assessed for course entry eligibility.

If you have already enrolled in subjects under your current degree and you no longer want to complete these, refer to key deadlines for subject withdrawal and contact AskUOW for advice on how to best proceed.

Step 3 - Apply to Transfer

For instructions, see the AskUOW articles: