Full-time and part-time study

Full-time vs part-time study?

Full or part time study depends on how many credit points a student is enrolled in (each session).  To be classified as a full-time student, the student must be enrolled in at minimum, 75% of a full-time load for their respective course.  In short:

  • Full-time students normally enrol in a total of 48 credit points, i.e. 4 subjects per session; or 
  • Part-time students enrol in less than 18 credit points per session. Normally, part-time students complete a 144 credit point degree over six years.

Some degrees (such as double degrees) have different annual loads and this can impact on a students status.  Students should consider the impact changing their enrolment can have on full-time/part-time statuses (as this may also affect eligibility for Centrelink and/or other payments).

Centrelink payments

Students in receipt of Centrelink (or other third party) benefits for study are normally required to maintain full-time enrolment status to receive benefits.

If a student wishes to change their study load, i.e., from full-time to part-time, they must be aware of the affect it may have on their benefits. Students who do not notify Centrelink of changes in study loads may face penalties and/or be required to repay any benefit(s) received in error.

You should contact Centrelink (or other third party) for assistance.

How to change a study load

Students wishing to change their study load, i.e., from full-time to part-time, can be done session by session.  It is important to note that some degrees such as Law, Medicine, Nursing, and Education, generally require full-time enrolment due to their course structures.  If a student is considering reducing from full-time to part-time (for one of these degrees), it is strongly advised the student consult with their Academic Advisor (through the relevant Faculty central).  Contacts for these faculties are as follows:

Depending on the type of student, i.e., Domestic, International or Sponsored student, depends on the action to take to change a study load.  Actions to follow are:

  1. Domestic students - simply enrol in the number of subjects / credit points chosen.  Domestic students do not need to formally notify UOW of the change, however, it is important to be aware that part-time enrolment status may affect Centrelink and/or other payments.
  2. International students - it is a requirement of student visa's that students complete their studies within the time-frame listed on the students Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).  If a student cannot complete the study within the required time-frame, the student must apply for a CoE extension (via their SOLS account).  Extensions of CoE's are only issued on compassionate and/or compelling circumstances - therefore, permission must be granted before the enrolment into a part-time study load. Before applying, please familiarise yourself with the information provided on the CoE web page.
  3. Sponsored students - students who have an official sponsorship arrangement with UOW and a third party will need to provide written permission (from the sponsor ) that a part-time study load is approved. If the student does not have permission, sponsored payments may be affected. For more information, please contact the sponsorships team via: scholarships@uow.edu.au.