Full-time and part-time study

If you are experiencing difficulties and are considering changing or withdrawing from subjects or your course, we encourage you to seek support before making this decision. Please make an appointment with one of our Student Support Coordinators who are here to help and can connect you with support services that the University offers free of charge.

Full-time vs part-time study?

Full or part time study depends on how many credit points a student is enrolled in each teaching period.  To be classified as a full-time student, the student must be enrolled in at minimum, 75% of the full-time load for their respective course. Generally this is:

  • Full-time students - enrol in a total of 24 credit points (4 subjects*) per session; or 
  • Part-time students - enrol in less than 18 credit points (2 subjects*) per session. 

Some degrees (such as double degrees) have different annual loads and this can impact on a student's status.  Students should consider the impact changing their enrolment can have on full-time/part-time statuses (as this may also affect eligibility for Centrelink and/or other payments).

*Based on 6 credit point subjects

Centrelink payments

Students in receipt of Centrelink (or other third party) benefits for study are normally required to maintain full-time enrolment status to receive benefits.

If a student wishes to change their study load, i.e., from full-time to part-time, they must be aware of the affect it may have on their benefits. Students who do not notify Centrelink of changes in study loads may face penalties and/or be required to repay any benefit(s) received in error.

You should contact Centrelink (or other third party) for assistance.

How to change a study load

Some courses have prescribed structures which means that reducing to a part-time study load could impact your ability to progress through your course due to subject availability and prerequisite/co-requisite requirements.

It is also important to note that some degrees such as Law, Medicine, Nursing, and Education, generally require full-time enrolment due to their course structures. Itis strongly recommended that you contact your faculty for course advice before changing your study load.

Depending on the type of student, i.e., Domestic, International or Sponsored student, there are different actions to take to change a study load.  

  1. Domestic students - simply enrol in the number of subjects / credit points desired provided that you complete your course within the specified maximum timeframe.  Domestic students do not need to formally apply or notify UOW of the change. However, it is important to be aware that a part-time enrolment status may affect Centrelink and/or other payments.

  2. International students on a student visaapply for a Reduced Study Load. It is a requirement of student visa's that students complete their studies within the time-frame listed on the students Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).  If a student cannot complete the study within the required time-frame, the student must apply for a CoE extension (via their SOLS account).  Extensions of CoE's are only issued on compassionate and/or compelling circumstances - therefore, permission must be granted before the enrolment into a part-time study load. Please note, if your current student visa is still valid for three or more months and your application for a reduced study load is approved, you will need to apply for a new Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) extension via SOLS. Before applying, please familiarise yourself with the information provided on the CoE web page.

  3. International students not on a student visa - do not need to formally apply for a reduced study load. Simply enrol in the number of subjects / credit points desired provided that you complete your course within the specified maximum timeframe.

  4. Sponsored students - apply for a reduced study load. Students who have an official sponsorship arrangement with UOW and a third party will need to provide written permission (from the sponsor) that a part-time study load is approved. Please be aware that if your sponsor does not approve your Reduced Study Load, the University will not be able to proceed with your application. For more information, please contact the sponsorships team on scholarships@uow.edu.au.