UOW handbook

The Handbook is where you will find important information about the requirements to complete your course. This includes:

  • the subjects you need to complete,
  • any minors, majors or specialisations offered,
  • the order in which you should take your subjects, and
  • any other requirements specific to your course.

Important information

You need to follow (and complete) the requirements of the handbook from the year you commenced your course. This will ensure you follow the correct study sequence. For example, if you commenced your course in 2019, you need to follow course requirements from the 2019 handbook, for the duration of your degree.

We’ve included step by step instructions below to help you navigate the handbook and help you find your subjects and when they are running.

Step 1: Find your handbook

To find the handbook you need to refer to:

  1. click on the year you started your degree
  2. choose the link that relates to the type of course you are undertaking (ie undergrad, postgrad etc) – this will navigate you to a page that lists all degrees
  3. find your degree and click on the link to check subjects and course requirements
  4. note down the subject codes for the subjects you wish to take in the session for which you are enrolling

Click through to access the 2023 Course handbook.

Looking for a handbook for years prior to 2010? You can find them in the University Library Digital Archives.

Step 2: Check the 2023 handbook for information about when your subjects are running this year

To check if your chosen subjects are running, you will need to refer to the 2023 handbook. To do this:-

  1. Navigate to the 2023 handbook
  2. Search for your subject using the subject code you noted down
  3. In the navigation under the subject title (at the top of the page in the dark blue bar), use the drop down menu on the right to ‘choose campus, delivery mode and session
  4. Choose the relevant instance
  5. Specific subject information for the instance chosen will now be listed. You can now check if the subject is running and when, review subject information like pre-requisites, how the subject will be delivered, session dates, learning outcomes and assessment details. 

Repeat Steps 2 to 4 for all your subjects.

Want advice or need help?

If you need academic advice regarding your course, please contact your Faculty (see individual course handbooks for contact details).

For general enquiries, please contact Student Service: askuow@uow.edu.au

COVID-19 Information

Most subjects have returned to on-campus delivery, with students encouraged to enrol in on-campus class options.

Find out more about studying during the COVID-19 pandemic