Student Support Coordinators

Need help, but not sure who to speak to? Our Student Support Coordinators are experts in connecting you to support services. Get free, confidential advice and support, no matter what the issue.

How we can help

Are you struggling to manage work, life and study? Unsure about where to go, who to speak to, or what to do?

Reach out to a Student Support Coordinator (SSC). All conversations are free and confidential.

SSC's can help you by:

  • Supporting you to manage health or wellbeing needs that may be impacting your capacity to study.
  • Referring you to the best person to contact about a problem.
  • Providing information about where to get academic support or personal support.
  • Helping to navigate the university environment e.g. processes and policies.
  • Referring you to any support services, on/off campus.
  • Assisting to settle in and understanding life and study in Australia.
  • Providing support or information on any available programs or services.

Contact a Student Support Coordinator

Please email us via and we will respond as soon as possible.

Need general, academic or subject advice?

Contact the AskUOW team (previously called Student Services).

Looking for other support options?

Visit the Support services website.