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The University of Wollongong knows employers are constantly on the lookout for extraordinary, well-rounded employees. The university's initiative, UOWx, develops highly competitive graduates with transferable skills that today's employers are looking for in their organisations’.

UOWx is a recognition program designed to encourage and support students to get more involved with the co-curricular activities offered at UOW outside of the classroom.

These activities can include volunteering and paid opportunities at UOW and external activities/learning opportunities to UOW.


UOWx Recognition

All activities under UOWx have met the UOWx Eligibility Framework, which guarantees that you will have the opportunity to receive traning, develop key employability skill, and opportunity to reflect on your learning. Complete activities will appear on your UOWx Record, a transcript received upon graduation. The transcript provides a snapshot of your achievements beyond just academic study to employers. Discover the areas of learning, awards and where to keep track of your activites below.

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To get started with UOWx take a deep dive into Find and Activity or our external to UOW activities. Enter the UOWx Portal to plan your journey and keep track of your progression.

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Enter the UOWx Portal to get started on your co-curricular journey and keep track of your progress.

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