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UOWx opportunities available

When you're at university you don't just learn in the classroom there are so many activities to get involved in. Some related to your coursework and others in a completely different discipline.

Through all of those activities, you're not only having fun and meeting new friends, but you're also learning lots of different skills.

UOWx connects you with the valuable co-curricular activities that are on offer at the University of Wollongong and recognises the knowledge and skills you've acquired when you graduate.

Getting involved is a fun and exciting way to engage with your peers and create networks that can support you long into the workforce once you leave UOW. Employers get excited about creative graduates who can move with the ever-changing workforce.

UOWx recognises over 170 co-curricular activities on campus so no matter what you're studying you can find something that's right for you. The personal and professional development that you gain through these activities is formally recognised through the UOWx Record, Learning Stream Awards and UOWx Award.

Awarded at graduation, the UOWx Record is a transcript of your co-curricular involvement. This formal endorsement from the university showcases your development as an aspiring professional.

So I started UOWx as soon as I heard about it which was during orientation week; so I've been at it more or less since day one.

They run a whole different range of programs that you can engage with so these are often like customised towards the students so one was about public speaking, another one was about leadership so I've really enjoyed those seminars.

Being able to come out at the end of a degree not just like a piece of paper saying I have completed a degree in X, Y, Z but having also a certificate that shows that I have developed as a person, I have a range of skills that I've been able to develop and engage with outside of my degree it was really important.

All of the UOWx recognised activities are categorised into seven different learning streams. Students who are committed to a particular learning stream can apply for a UOWx Learning Stream Award.

All you need to do is complete two co-curricular activities from that stream, one workshop or conference and a 100 word reflective piece. I'm a wellbeing student leader and I've been involved in that role since the beginning of the year. It has helped me develop confidence and organisational skills as well as social skills that will help me in my degree and later in life.

In my final year of study, I intend to complete the UOWx Award because it will help me stand out of the crowd and make me more employable when I graduate.

In addition to the UOWx Record, you can achieve the UOWx Award, a mark of an extraordinary graduate.

For those who go above and beyond the UOWx Award honors, the significant co-curricular engagement of students throughout their degree.

To be eligible for the UOWx Award, you must complete 2 learning stream awards as well as the UOWx Award program. To apply for the award, you must complete a nomination form 12 months before you were expected to graduate.

Participating in a wide range of co-curricular activities has really helped to hone my skills and has given me a head start in my career. Making so many new friends and contacts made working towards the UOWx Award really fun and rewarding. Plus, receiving the award has really given me the edge in the graduate careers market.

One of the best parts of studying at UOW is that there are so many co-curricular activities on offer. Whether you're undergraduate or postgraduate, studying at Wollongong or one of the Regional or Metro campuses, there's something for everyone.

Jump onto the UOWx website to find out how you can get involved today. Find out how to set yourself apart.

UOWx, UOWx, UOWx, be extraordinary.

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UOWx opportunities available

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What is UOWx?

UOWx is a service that helps connect students with incredible learning opportunities and experiences outside of their academic coursework. The UOWx program formally recognises that co-curricular involvement in a bid to emphasise to employers the drive and dedication of the students involved. There are over 170 paid and volunteer activities that are recognised by UOWx which students can receive formal recognition for.

Tangible outcomes you can achieve through UOWx include:

  • UOWx Record - official UOW document used as evidence to showcase the skills and knowledge you have gained on top of your degree. 
  • Learning Stream Award - an award that enables you to highlight key skills in a certain area to a future employer.
  • UOWx Award - official UOW document showing significant engagement in UOWx recognised activities throughout your time at UOW.

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