The must have UOW app.

The MyUOW mobile app is the easiest way for UOW students to stay connected to what's happening at UOW.

MyUOW is free to download from your app store and is available on both iOS and Android devices.

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New and improved layout

The latest version of MyUOW offers an updated look and feel, making it even easier to navigate to your SOLS, UOWMail, messages and more. MyUOW gives you easy access to relevant resources, information and functions while on the go.

Personalised message centre

Stay up to date with the latest news, events and opportunities at UOW. With the app's opt-in message centre, you can tailor your newsfeed by subscribing to message topics relevant to you.

It's a great idea to set your subscription preferences as soon as you download the app to make sure you don't miss out on any opportunities or important information. You can manage your subscriptions by simply clicking the 'Opt-in channels' button on your home screen.

Find your way

MyUOW makes finding your way around easy, with access to maps of all of our onshore campuses, as well as live parking availability and shuttle bus timetables for our Wollongong campus.


Key features

  • SOLS
  • UOWMail
  • Opt-in message centre
  • Events calendar
  • Library resources
  • campus maps
  • Parking availability*
  • Shuttle timetables*
  • Staff contact directory
  • Support services
  • UniLife and UniActive
  • Emergency and UOW Security contacts
  • Universe
  • Opt-in message centre
  • Staffmail
  • UOW jobs
  • Learning and development
  • Staff contact directory
  • Web Kiosk
  • Campus maps
  • Parking availability*
  • Shuttle timetables*
  • Staff library resources
  • The Stand
  • UOW news and events
  • Future students information
  • UOW jobs
  • UniBar
  • Aspire events
  • Kids' Uni

*Some functions are only available to specific campus locations.

App support

If you are experiencing any technical issues, please contact UOW IT Support

Frequently asked questions

MyUOW is free to download from your app store and is available on both iOS and Android devices.


To update to the latest version of the MyUOW app, simply visit the Apple or Google Play store on your device, locate MyUOW in your list of downloaded apps and perform an app update.

If you don't have MyUOW downloaded on your device, simply search 'MyUOW' in your app store and download for free.

If you are experiencing any technical issues in the app, please contact the UOW IT Support team directly on +61 2 4221 3000 and we will be happy to assist.

You can easily switch between different locations and personas by going to the head and shoulders menu in your app's top navigation on your home screen. From here you will see your current location/persona settings. Click either of these to switch.

  1. From within your app homescreen, click the 'Opt-in channels' button.
  2. Here you will see the list of all opt-in channels you are currently subscribed to and those that are available.
  3. Click on a channel and then click the + button to subscribe to that channel.
  4. Once you have opted in to a channel, you will begin to it's receive news and events to your message centre inbox.


As you will be commencing at UOW as a student, we suggest that you to select the student persona. You won't be able to use some functions of the app until you are enrolled, like logging into your SOLS account and UOWMail. But the app offers many other useful features like information on how uni works, an orientation channel as well as the latest UOW news and events.

To access the SafeZone app from within the MyUOW app you must first download the SafeZone app onto your device and register with SafeZone.

Download SafeZone


Yes. From within your app's homescreen, select the IT Support module, then select 'User account & password'. You can also manage your password by visiting the UOW IT webpage.

From within the MyUOW app's homescreen, select the 'Feedback' module. This will take you to UOW's official feedback portal where all submissions are centrally managed by Student Central.

  1. Select the head and shoulders menu from the app's navigation
  2. Select Settings
  3. Insert final texts

Push notification settings for the MyUOW app can be managed from your device's local settings menu.

Staffmail is the Office 365 web mail client and is how staff access their UOW staff mail. This function is available from within the staff persona of the app. Your UOW User name and password are required to access Staffmail.