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The Financial Services Unit is a specialist unit that provides a broad range of professional, in-house financial services, to the University’s executive, faculties, research and administrative areas. We manage the University's financial obligations including accounts payable, account receivable, procurement and insurance.

This section covers UOW business travel insurance, and volunteer insurance.

Business travel insurance

The University maintains a current travel insurance policy to cover students and staff whilst overseas on authorised university business.

What/who is covered?

It is up to the traveller to read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), Policy Wording, and Policy Schedule.

Documents below explain the duty of disclosure, what is and is not covered, the sums insured and the excess amounts, as well as the terms and conditions such as the requirements that must be satisfied in making a claim.

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Bear in mind

Travel to destinations where the travel warning on the DFAT Smart Traveller website is shown as "Do Not Travel" is generally not fully covered by the University Business Travel Insurance. The traveller must seek further approval before travelling.

The University subscribes to Travel Risk Management Services through CustomerCare. The Customer Care website may provide additional useful information.

If you are in a situation that may lead to a claim

  • If you are in a situation that may lead to a claim contact FSD staff via ServiceNow as soon as possible.
    Incidents arising from criminal activities (e.g. theft of personal items or malicious damage) should be reported to local police, and an official police report obtained.

Help while on overseas business travel

  • Phone: contact the local telephone operator and ask for a reverse charge call to AIG on +60 3 2772 5641
  • Email:

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Volunteer insurance

The University currently maintains a Volunteer Insurance Policy.

This policy provides cover for declared volunteers of the University whilst on volunteer work on behalf of the University.

If you are in a situation that may lead to a claim

How to make a claim?

  1. Complete the Volunteers Claim Form (PDF) - attach a copy of the Volunteer Acknowledgment form that was completed before you commenced.
  2. Attach all other supporting documentation i.e. receipts, quotations, medical certificates etc.
  3. Email to

Who is covered?

  • Details are in the Policy Schedule

What is covered?

  • Protection is subject to certain terms, exclusions, conditions and limitations which can be viewed in the Policy Wording and Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

All Volunteers of the University must complete a Volunteer Acknowledgement with the event coordinator and/or supervisor. These forms are then kept within the Faculty/Department. In the event of a claim the Volunteer will need to provide a copy of this form with their claim to show that the Volunteer was authorised.

We recommend that Faculties/Departments keep a record of the number of volunteers that work on their behalf as it is important to declare this to Financial Services annually during the insurance renewal process.

What is the difference between volunteer work and work experience?

Volunteer work is when a member of the community offers their services to the University without being paid. Volunteers do not include UOW students on work experience placement at host organisations.

Work Experience is when an enrolled UOW student wishes to partake in unpaid work that is relevant to their studies at a host organisation outside the University.

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Information for suppliers and contractors relating to the procurement and purchasing function at the University of Wollongong.


The University of Wollongong releases a variety of tenders, requests for proposals and expressions of interest via Tenderlink.

Enquiries / More information

The University of Wollongong uses The Eftsure software solution to improve onboarding of suppliers, whilst also improving process to manage potential fraud.

The Eftsure software solution assists in identifying errors, fraud, and scam attempts before releasing funds by independently verifying all required supplier details making currently manual processes more efficient and secure.

What does this mean for our suppliers?

We envisage this change to be of minimum disruption to our suppliers. UOW Finance staff will initiate the invitation email to suppliers for information to be added to the Eftsure system. This will include bank details, ABN, trading name/s, GST registration, Modern Slavery compliance and company contact information.

Details will be added to the New Supplier Registration information within Eftsure. Suppliers will be contacted by Eftsure team for verification purposes.

Following verification, UOW will receive a confirmation email from Eftsure confirming the supplier as verified. The Eftsure system includes a continuous verification of supplier details.

Suppliers will be able to change their own details in the system by contacting UOW Finance. The supplier is responsible for notifying Eftsure of changes ensuring payments for services rendered can be continued without disruption.

Eftsure contact details will be available to our suppliers.


Please contact our Accounts Payable team via

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