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Trouble logging in - Current Students

  • Can you access the UOWmail login page at:
  • Are you using the correct login details - and your UOW password?
  • Can you access SOLS?

If you are able to access SOLS, and you are using the correct login, ie, try resetting your UOW password. This will take approx 30 mins to resynch to UOWmail.  After 30 minutes, if you still have a problem connecting, please contact the IT Service Desk

Note: The Office 365 direct link to login is

Trouble logging in - UOW alumni

If you have registered a password recovery profile with Microsoft once your UOW account closed, you can use the forgotten password links when trying to access your account.

For UOW alumni without a password recovery profile, or if you are having trouble logging into UOWmail contact us via email at for assistance. We will contact you via return email to reset your password if necessary. We understand that you may have already flagged this via the forgotten password link attached to the UOWmail login page. Unfortunately the email issued from Microsoft doesn’t provide us with a way to contact you.

Note: The Office 365 direct link for login is

Help for staff

We strongly suggest that you visit the self-help sites prior to contacting the UOW IT Service Centre as most questions can be answered by simply visiting the sites listed below

Additional support for optional tools is available as follows:

Outlook Online - Compatible browsers

Note:  In order to access Office Online, Microsoft advises that you need to be running one of the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer - the current or immediately prior version
  • Chrome - the latest release
  • Firefox - the latest release
  • Safari - the latest release

Accessing UOWmail from a mobile phone, an external email client or desktop client

You can access your UOWmail account with different e-mail clients (such as Outlook, Apple Mail, etc) or a mobile phone.

To see browser compatibility requirements for UOWmail (Office 365) and compare how it works with your browser, see Browser compatibility requirements for Office 365.

To send and receive emails from your mobile device it must be able to support ActiveSync, IMAP4 or POP3 email protocols. ActiveSync, IMAP4 and POP3 are protocols available for delivering mail to your device. UOW recommends using ActiveSync or IMAP4 protocol methods to connect to your UOWmail accounts.

  • ActiveSync synchronises your device and UOWmail, so they both show the same content.
  • IMAP4 (Internet Message Access Protocol) downloads mail to your device while retaining messages in UOWmail, and provides access to all created folders. All actions are "mirrored" and saved in UOWmail.
  • POP3 (Post Office Protocol) downloads mail to your device and deletes the original message from UOWmail - the only copy will be on your device. POP3 only gives access to new mail and created folders are not available.


  • If you don't know whether to use IMAP4 or POP3, consider IMAP4 because it supports more features and always keeps a local copy of the message on the server after you retrieve a copy to your local computer.

To access UOWmail from your device while on a UOW Campus, you'll need an Internet data plan.

Display name and email addresses explained

Identifying information recorded on your UOWmail Office 365 account includes your display name, email address and email aliases.

Display name

Your Display name on UOWmail is based on your firstname & lastname as recorded in the University Student Management System. It is the combination of your firstname (which is delimited by space therefore only one string is displayed) and all particulars of the surname which are concatenated to form one string. Display name only contains alphabetic characters and hyphens (-). All other characters are removed.

If you have a preferred firstname you can request to have a preferred name recorded  via the  "Request Add Preferred Firstname" online form on SOLS which is  accessible under the Student Forms option on the SOLS main menu. In the case of a name change or addition of a preferred firstname your display name is automatically updated.

Email address

Your email address for UOWmail is - example:

Whilst a holder of a UOW Student Account you have the alternate address of Any mail sent to your address will be delivered to UOWmail. This will continue to be the case until such time as you leave the University and your UOW user account is deleted. Mail sent from your Office 365 email account will be sent from your address.

You are also provided with an additional "friendly name" alias for your UOWmail account. The email alias is provided for the purpose of publishing a friendly name address and any mail sent to your aliases will be delivered to your UOWmail email address. 

Friendly email address

Your friendly-name aliases are generated based on your display name details with the addition of the numeric suffix contained within your username (additional digits are applied to ensure uniqueness where necessary). We are often asked why the numeric suffix is included in the email address. The addition of the suffix is important as the use of firstname_lastname alone would over time present an issue with unique addresses. The suffix adds a layer of protection to unsolicited mail in that individuals may know a students name however without the 3 digit number they are unable to easily determine the specific address.

Also see Display name and email address examples  Like display name, aliases only contain alphabetic characters and hyphens (-). All other characters are removed. Aliases are not generated for accounts without a surname.

You can view your UOWmail alias(es) in SOLS under "Personal Details". It is totally up to you whether you wish to make your alias(es) public. In the case of a name change or addition of preferred name a new email alias will be generated based on your new display name. Note: once issued email alias(es) are retained for the life of your Office 365 account.

Can you change your display name?

No. The display name for your UOWmail account is based on your firstname and lastname details as recorded in the University student management system. However, if you have a preferred firstname you can request to have a preferred name recorded  via the  "Request Add Preferred Firstname" online form on SOLS which is  accessible under the Student Forms option on the SOLS main menu. Alternatively you can contact Student Central for more information.

Once recorded your display name will be updated in UOWmail to reflect your preferred firstname.

To find out more go to Display name & email addresses explained.

Forwarding your UOWmail to an alternate email account

Whilst the University encourages you to get familiar with all that UOWmail (Office 365) has to offer and use it as your primary e-mail account, you can forward email to an alternate email account.  However, forwarding University emails to a non-UOW email account will be at your own risk.

Note: For students who had already applied a forward on UOWmail (Live@Edu), it will stay intact for UOWmail Office 365.

For more information on setting up forwarding messages to another account, refer to Microsoft's Use Rules to Automatically Forward Messages to Another Account.

Management of your UOWmail account/s

  • The UOWmail Office 365 account is managed by UOW, giving students access to all "Office 365 for Education" services including email, calendar, contacts and now OneDrive, SharePoint Online and Lync Online.

Help and support for UOWmail Office 365

Additional support for optional tools is available one the following Microsoft sites:

Contact the UOW Service Centre

To speak to someone about the core email and calendar functions

  • Call the IT Service Desk on (02) 42392000
Last reviewed: 25 June, 2018