Weighted average mark calculations (WAM)

Keep track of your weighted average mark

Want to keep track of your eligibility to graduate with distinction or enter a Law School Honours program? We can help you with the WAM calculator at the bottom of this page. 

There are a number of different WAM calculations for different purposes. The below WAM calculator is based upon the calculation used to assess eligibility to graduate with distinction or apply for law school honours. Other calculations may be used and assessed by your faculty for other purposes.

Before you get started, make sure you read the important information below.

Graduating with distinction

  1. Eligibility criteria for the award with distinction is set out in the Coursework Rules under ‘Eligibility for award with distinction’ section

  2. A final WAM of 75 or more will mean you are eligible to graduate with distinction, provided you meet all other relevant eligibility criteria (see eligibility summary below)

  3. WAMs are not rounded up. So for example, a WAM of 74.6 will not be eligible to graduate with distinction

  4. This calculator should be used as a guide only. Final assessment of your distinction WAM will occur when you apply to graduate, at which time your record will be assessed in line with the criteria defined in the Coursework Rules.

Eligibility summary

  1. Pass Bachelor or Masters by coursework degrees are eligible for graduation with distinction

  2. Students in undergraduate degrees must have completed at least 50% of their degree in a UOW accredited course

  3. Students in postgraduate degrees must have completed at least 66% of their degree in a UOW accredited course

  4. Double degrees are assessed for distinction under each degree separately

  5. A degree containing more than 50% of credit points that are graded at the level of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory will not be eligible for the award 'with Distinction'

  6. All subjects attempted at UOW in your course will be counted towards your WAM (some exceptions apply)

  7. Any subject completed in another course at UOW, which has been transferred into your current course as approved credit will also count towards your WAM (some exceptions apply).

  8. Grades associated with credit for subjects completed at other institutions DO NOT count towards your UOW WAM, and should not be entered into the calculator

  9. Fail grades DO count towards your WAM, and should be entered into the calculator (includes technical fail (TF) to be entered as 49)


The calculation used in the calculator below is as follows: 

Sum of (subject credit * mark) / sum of (subject credit)


ACCY101 - 65 - 6 credit points
MGMT203 - 82 - 6 credit points
ECON313 - 76 - 8 credit points

(65 * 6) + (82 * 6) + (76 * 8) / (6 + 6 + 8) = 
390 + 420 + 680 / 20 = 
1490 / 20 =

WAM calculator

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