My eQuals - digital academic documents

What is My eQuals?

My eQuals is an online academic record platform, used by UOW to provide verified official documents digitally to students who can then share with third parties. This is a safe and trusted platform endorsed by some of the world's leading educational institutions.

Please note: UOW cannot issue official digital documents directly to third parties through the platform.

The My eQuals platform provides:

  • UOW with the ability to issue certified documents online.
  • UOW students 24/7 access to their certified qualifications, which can be shared with nominated third parties (once issued).
  • Third parties’ access to view verified UOW official documents (once shared by a student).

Accessing digital academic documents using My eQuals

If you are a current or former student, you can request digital academic documentation via this online form (fees may apply).

Once your request is approved, UOW will digitally issue you access (via My eQuals) to your:

Please note: All onshore students (studied at a campus within Australia) graduating from December 2018 onwards will be automatically issued their digital documents via My eQuals - free of charge.

Upon conferral, graduates will receive:

  • a hardcopy testamur, delivered to their nominated postal address;
  • a digital testamur via My eQuals; and
  • a digital academic transcript, AHEGS and UOWx certificate (if eligible) via My eQuals.

Graduates can purchase a hardcopy transcript, AHEGS and UOWx certificate on request (for a fee) after conferral.

Accessing your My eQuals account

To create an account

If you are a current onshore student of UOW, once you have graduated and in line with the graduation key dates, you will receive an email from to register and set up your My eQuals account.

Once you receive a registration email – follow the steps below to register your account:

  • Click REGISTER
  • Fill in all the fields
  • Make sure the email address you register with is the same email address that the original email notification from UOW was sent to (ie – your personal email address)
  • Verify you’re ‘not a robot’ by ticking the box
  • Accept the terms and privacy policy
  • Click SUBMIT

 You will receive a second email from

  • You can now view your digital documents!

To login to an existing account

For students who have already set up their account, you can access your digital documents by either:

Need help?

For more information on My eQuals, please visit the My eQuals Privacy page or refer to the My eQuals FAQ's

If you need help navigating the portal, simply download the following user guides to assist.

My eQuals

To learn more about My eQuals

visit the My eQuals website

This is a story of engineers, lawyers, artists, psychiatrists and doctors in the making. Of university students all of them working toward one thing. It's their ticket to work, to further study and to their dreams.

However, certifying this ticket to apply for a job or further study can be complicated. They'll need to call, book, queue, pay, print, post, receive, copy, certify and then, send. To prevent fraud, the recipient will again need to contact the university for verification. this story seems excessive, right?

Introducing MyeQuals, your online academic record. It's a safe and trusted platform endorsed by some of the world's leading educational institutions. Using My eQuals, universities can issue certified documents online, which students can access anytime, and share with anyone, anywhere in the world. And recipients can feel safe in knowing the documents have come from a verified source.

It all equals a quick, secure and trusted transaction for all. My eQuals - now that's a better story.