Academic consideration

What is student academic consideration?

At the University of Wollongong, we understand that life happens. Academic Consideration is intended to help minimise the impact of short-term events that are beyond your control (compassionate, compelling or extenuating circumstances).

Such events may significantly impair your ability to complete an assessment task on or by the due date as stipulated in the Subject Outline; or which affects your progress in a subject relevant to your course of study.

The Student Academic Consideration Policy provides further information.

When to apply?

You must apply for Academic Consideration as soon as possible after the issue occurs. At a minimum you must apply prior to the due date for an assessment task or before sitting an exam. If you become unwell or an extenuating circumstance occurs during an exam, which prevents you from completing the exam, you must notify your exam invigilator immediately.

Eligible and non-eligible circumstances when applying for academic consideration

Eligible circumstances Non-eligible circumstances



Medical illness or injury to yourself

  • COVID-19
  • Influenza or cold
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Migraines or Headaches
  • Broken Limb
  • Other (Free Text)

Medical illness or injury to an immediate family member that requires hospitalisation.

  • No additional examples required.

Bereavement of an immediate family member, close friend, partner or classmate.

  • No additional examples required.

An adverse experience that has impacted your physical or mental wellbeing

  • Witnessing a serious accident.
  • Victim of a serious crime.
  • Housing insecurity.
  • Eviction notice.
  • Natural disaster.

Extenuating circumstances

  • Substantial unplanned carer’s leave.
  • Legal commitment
  • Simultaneous in-session test
  • Military service
  • One-off unusual work commitment
  • Participating in sporting event at state, national or international level with official sporting body
  • Religious or cultural obligation and / or event
  • Technical issue at the time of assessment
  • Changes to assessment due dates after release of a subject outline

International students only

Major political upheaval or natural disaster in your home country that has impacted on your family that requires immediate emergency travel or consular support.

  • No additional examples required.

Inability to begin a course of study on the agreed start date, due to a delay in receiving an international student visa.

  • No additional examples required.

Circumstances where your Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (ECOE) or Student Visa (for students studying at offshore locations) may need to be extended due to the students failure to pass one or more subjects, but where these failures have not resulted in the student requiring an intervention strategy, as outlined in the course progress policy.

  • No additional examples required.

Changes to family circumstances in your home country that have negatively impacted on your ability to pay tuition fees or reasonable personal living expenses.

  • No additional examples required.

Academic Consideration will not be considered for common occurrences which interfere with daily life.Some common examples of non-eligible circumstances include:

  • usual or routine work commitments

  • issues with transport to campus

  • where a student has failed to back up their work.

  • multiple exams within a time period which do not clash with each other

  • multiple assessment tasks due in a period

  • usual or routine family commitments

  • clashes with usual recreational activities

  • lack of knowledge of requirements of academic work or due dates;

  • anticipated changes of address

  • recreational travel (domestic or international)

To apply for Academic Consideration, please follow these steps:

  1. Log-in to SOLS
  2. Select ‘Current Session’ on the left hand navigation menu
  3. Select 'Academic Consideration' from the left hand menu
  4. Complete the application (ensure you provide a detailed overview of how the circumstances is/has affected your ability to study)

For UOW College students: Please finalise your application by contacting the College reception on (02) 4252 8804, or via email

For students studying at one of our off-shore Global Campuses: Please contact your local campus for instructions.

Supporting documentation is not currently required. Supporting documentation will be re-introduced in Spring Semester and Trimester 3. This website will be updated at that time to advise eligible types of supporting documentation that will be required.

Application response times

Students are generally notified of the outcome via SOLSMail within five (5) working days of receiving an email notification confirming lodgement of the application.


The outcome of your application is determined by your Subject Coordinator.

Approved Academic Considerations can result in:

  1. An extension of time to submit an assessment task
  2. Permission to undertake a deferred assessment task or in-session test
  3. Permission to undertake a deferred end of session exam
  4. An exemption of compulsory attendance or participation.

IMPORTANT: If you make three or more applications for student academic consideration within a six month period, you will be referred to the Head of Students in your Faculty and/or a Student Support Coordinator. This is designed to provide you with support and the best possible chance of success in your studies for the semester.

 If you would like assistance understanding if you are eligible or would like assistance with the application process, you should:

If you have questions about your studies, require academic support or information about other support services provided by UOW, please contact your Student Support Advisor