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UOW offers a diverse range of internationally recognised degrees designed to help you reach your goals. You'll learn from renowned academics who are experts in their fields. Providing you with the guidance, support, and knowledge you need to excel in your studies. UOW offers flexible study options allowing you to fit your education around your other commitments. 
At UOW, we recognise your prior subjects and experience, potentially allowing you to earn credit toward your degree. This means you can fast-track your education and save both time and money. 
There has never been a better time to invest in yourself and expand your career options. Don't put your future on hold any longer. Apply now to start in 2024.

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UOW has eight Australian campuses located across Wollongong, Sydney, and regional centres of the NSW South Coast and Highlands. If you're looking to study close to home, take a look at the UOW campus in your region. 

Meet Liz

I chose to study the University Access Program to brush up on my academic skills and increase my confidence in maths and statistics before continuing on to UOW as a non-school leaver student. I learnt essay writing skills, how to reference and how to analyse academic texts. The small classes, friendly teachers and access to the UOW campus made UOW College such a special place to study. Liz NON-SCHOOL LEAVER, UNIVERSITY ACCESS PROGRAM, BACHELOR OF ARTS (PSYCHOLOGY)

A place to belong

Wollongong attracts people from all over Australia and the world to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. Here you can live stress-free and focus on your studies. At every turn there will be new opportunities: to follow your passions, make discoveries and figure out what you stand for.

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Wollongong is more than just a uni.

It takes you in and becomes a part of you.

[#1 university in NSW rated by students.]

It's a place to stretch your wings and find yourself.

To soak in your surroundings, and make time to meet the locals.

[5 star rating for student experience.]

To rest your head and stay awhile. A place to belong.

[Top 1% of universities in the world.]

It's a global network of people and campuses united by determination and purpose to make the world a better place.

[#1 in NSW for employer satisfaction with graduates.]

Where hands-on learning prepares you for the real world.

[62nd in the world for graduate employment rates.]

Because a UOW student always stands out from the pack, and when you graduate you're in good company.

[160,000 alumni from 179 countries.]

It's more than just a uni. It's a way of life.

It's a place to take a stand for the future, for society, for you.

[A bright future starts here.]
[University of Wollongong.]

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