Course progress

What is course progress?

Course progress relates to the rules required for students to satisfactorily progress through their course. These rules are set out in the Course Progress Policy. The Policy establishes the requirements, definitions and procedures to be used in determining the standards of acceptable course progress including the need for students to pass more than 50% of the credit points enrolled in a study period to satisfy course progress requirements. 

How does course progress apply to students?

The University checks student records against course progress requirements after subject results are released. Where a student has not met course progress requirements, their enrolment is deemed at risk and their course status is changed. For more information on how a student's course status will change, please refer to the stages of course progress.  

Where can students get help?

If a student is experiencing academic difficulties at any time, they can request a consultation with a Course Progress or Academic Advisor for support. They may be able to assist in the following ways:

  • Help students identify the issues contributing to poor academic results
  • Provide useful academic and course progress advice
  • Refer students to appropriate support services
  • Recommend appropriate administrative actions such as applying for a late withdrawal without academic penalty on the basis of compassionate and compelling or extenuating circumstances.

If a student is experiencing non-academic difficulties, UOW offer a range of Support Services free of charge for students to access at any time.  

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