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Embrace a journey of inclusivity and ignite meaningful conversations. Learn of upcoming celebrations and vital acknowledgments through our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Calendar. Save the dates that resonate with you, and join the movement towards a more empowered and inclusive society.

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UOW is a powerhouse of learning and teaching excellence

At UOW, we assert our standing as a significant research-intensive university, aiming for a position in the top 1% globally. We recognise that this can be only be achieved by attracting and retaining a diverse blend of talent, that will help us to reach our goal. Our staff reflect the diversity of our community – in gender, sexuality, disability and cultural diversity. We recognise and celebrate each of those individually and recognise their intersectionality. We are proud of our culture where people can be their authentic selves and have policies and practices in place to ensure that we provide a fair and equitable campus. We welcome anyone regardless of age, race, disability, colour, gender identity, sexual orientation, gender expression, marital or relationship status, or economic background.

UOW has policies and practices in place to ensure that we provide a fair workplace and campus free from unlawful discrimination and harassment protecting all staff. Our inclusive values empower all staff to achieve their full potential and remove actual or perceived barriers to participation.

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