Students working on computer

Tertiary literacies

professional practices and academic, information, computer, and statistical literacies

Over the time of your study at the University of Wollongong you will be helped to develop a set of knowledge and skills that can be defined as tertiary literacy. Tertiary literacy comprises of the five literacies listed below:

  • Academic literacy – the skills of reading, critical analysis, writing and presenting orally are essential for students to be able to progress and demonstrate their ability across the subjects they are studying. Learning Development provides resources and programs to assist students who wish to improve skills in this literacy;
  • Information literacy - the capacity to recognise when information is needed and the capacity to locate, evaluate, and effectively use required information. StartSmart - Essential Academic Information Skills aims to help students by providing the knowledge on how best to locate the information required to support their university studies;
  • Computer literacy - the ability to effectively use computer devices and associated peripherals and generic software to find, store, retrieve and manipulate data. Information Technology provides computer and network services to students, including access to SOLS for the management of enrolment and personal details.
  • Statistical literacy - the ability to think statistically and to effectively use formal statistical reasoning. Three modules are available on-line to help students acquire core statistical literacy skills. 
  • Professional practices - the transfer and application of knowledge, values, attitudes and skills gained from university study to work and life settings including the management of a professional career. Careers Central can assist students to develop skills and experiences that assist with the transition from study to work.

Each of these literacies contribute to building your knowledge and skills to assist you to develop the qualities of a University of Wollongong Graduate.