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Global Communicators Program

There are many ways at UOW to develop cross-cultural friendships and become part of a culturally diverse UOW community. The Global Communicators Program was one of them, however the impacts of COVID-19 have us all off campus for the moment so our program is on hold until we return. Check out Couch Conversations and other programs that are available online so you can stay connected and have some fun while studying off campus.

Couch Conversations

Get involved in informal, fun and inclusive chats via Zoom (online) with your UOW peers through Couch Conversations. It's you, your fellow students (from all UOW campuses and countries, all degrees and all walks of life) and a chat room!

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Join the Global Communicators community

Did you know that the students at UOW represent over 140 of the world’s countries? Global Communicators is a fun and informal way to meet other students, to have interesting conversations in English, to share your culture and to build international friendships and networks. Each Global Communicators Program (GCP) session is coordinated by two students who are passionate about the importance of forming intercultural friendships, building cultural literacy and being global citizens.

For domestic students

The Global Communicators Program provides an opportunity for UOW domestic students to learn about different cultures and gain the experience of interacting with students from across the globe in a fun and informal environment. You may be an experienced traveller wanting to share stories, or be planning an adventure into the world, study abroad or exchange great opportunity to meet students from country of study.

Strong cross-cultural skills and the experience of working with people from different cultures are highly valuable skills and can provide you with a competitive edge once you have graduated. Each student that has attended 6 or more Global Communicators sessions will receive a certificate of participation in the program that can be used on their CV or resume.

For international students

As an international student, the Global Communicators Program is the perfect opportunity to practice your English conversation skills in a non-threatening and fun environment. You will also be able to meet domestic students, learning more about Australian culture. The sessions will provide an opportunity for students from across the globe to build friendships and share experiences.

Each student that has attended 6 or more Global Communicators sessions will receive a certificate of participation in the program that can be used on their CV or resume.

If you are wanting to attend workshops that are specific to enhancing your academic language skills please visit Learning Development.

How do I get involved?

Any UOW student can get involved in the Global Communicators Program. Simply view the Global Communicators timetable and go to the session that suits you best. You are not required to sign up beforehand, but if you wish to reserve a place you may do so at the link below.

What weeks do the Global Communicators sessions begin and finish?

The Global Communicators sessions begin in week 2 and run until the end of week 11.

How long does each Global Communicators session run for?

Each Global Communicators session will run for 1 hour.

How is the Global Communicators Program funded?

The program is funded by the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SAF).

SAF - Funded by Services & Amenities Fee

If you would also like to connect with the local community or attend seminars about Australian Culture, please visit Illawarra Friends of International Students (IFIS) and UOW Student Life.



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