Essential information

Rights to employment for international students

Like many international students, you may get a part time or casual job to help pay your living expenses while you study in Australia. It is important that you know your rights in the workplace.

Download the Getting ready to work in Australia fact sheet and checklist to learn the information you need to know, and how to find it.

Additional information on your workplace rights:

The Student Legal Clinic also provides free confidential legal advice to current students of the University of Wollongong, including preliminary advice in relation to employment law.

The Fair Work Ombudsman

All people working in Australia have basic rights and protections in the workplace, including minimum pay and conditions. The Fair Work Ombudsman makes sure that these rights are protected and enforced fairly under Australia’s workplace laws.

For more information about your rights for work in Australia, visit the Fair Work Ombudsman site. 

Staying safe in Australia

University of Wollongong staff and the local emergency services are here to help you stay safe. A series of videos have been created by Wollongong Local Area Command as part of the NSW Police Force and in conjunction with the University of Wollongong. This project was proudly supported by the IMB Bank Community Foundation.

These videos offer important information on what to do in an emergency and how to stay safe on campus, at the beach and in the community.

The Staying Safe video can also be viewed with the following subtitles:

Role of the police

Identifying police

Interacting with police

Domestic & family violence

Beach safety

UOW Security


Reporting a crime

Personal safety

Road safety

Fire safety

Alcohol consumption