External community volunteering

Students at UOW have the opportunity to receive recognition from UOWx for community volunteering activities they undertake outside of the university.

How is External Volunteering recognised by UOWx?

There are two types of external volunteering recognised by UOWx; endorsed community volunteering and non-endorsed community volunteering. 

A minimum of 20 hours must be completed in a calendar year per community volunteering opportunity to have the activity included on the UOWx Record.

UOWx has a number of existing endorsed volunteer partnerships with different community organisations.

This means that the organisations are working in partnership with UOW to have particular volunteering roles recognised by UOWx.

The organisation has identified roles that UOW students can engage in that meet 4-6 Learning Streams.

These organisations include the following:

Visit the above links to find out more about the roles on offer.

All other community volunteering can still be recognised by UOWx, however as we do not have a partnership with other organisations, it is up to the student to identify the role and verify that it meets the UOWx policy requirements.

How do I add this to my UOWx Record?

To add endorsed or non-endorsed community volunteering to your UOWx Record, see the information below.

Graduating in 2021?

To ensure your External Volunteering is added to your UOWx Record, you must apply by the following dates:

  • Trimester 1 Graduation - apply by 7 May
  • Autumn Graduation - apply by 11 June
  • Trimester 2 Graduation - apply by 13 August
  • Spring & Trimester 3 Graduation - apply by 5 November

If you undertake a volunteering opportunity with one of the endorsed organisations, simply email the UOWx team to let them know you have signed up.

In the email please include:

  • Your name
  • Your student number
  • The organisation you are volunteering with
  • The role you have signed up for

The UOWx team will then enrol you in the appropriate Moodle site so you can start logging your hours.

You will be required to keep a logbook of your hours and have this signed off by your supervisor throughout your time volunteering. This logbook will need to be uploaded to Moodle and approved by the UOWx team.

Your volunteering experience will be identified on your UOWx Record once you have met the minimum required hours in a calendar year.

If you are volunteering at an organisation that is not listed above, you must complete an External Recognition Claim Form and upload a Verification Letter, signed by the community organisation.

Provide this External volunteering organisation flyer (PDF) to the organisation you are volunteering with, to let them know why you are asking them to complete the verification letter. 

In the claim form, you must identify which learning streams your volunteering addresses, explain how this occurred and the skills you developed by participating in this volunteering opportunity.

To help you in completing your claim form, we have prepared an example for you to see:

Note: submit the claim form only after you have completed your volunteering for the year.

If approved, the external organisation will be de-indentified on the UOWx Record.

The organisation will be listed as one of the below sub-categories*: 

  • Aboriginal communities
  • Aged care
  • Animal welfare
  • Arts, culture & heritage
  • Children & young people
  • Community & welfare
  • Corporate
  • Disabilities
  • Education
  • Environment & conservation
  • Health
  • Multicultural
  • Parents & carers
  • Police emergency services
  • Special events
  • Sports & recreation
  • Women's services

* These categories have been identified by the NSW Government Family and Community Services

Minimum requirements for UOWx recognition

To receive UOWx Recognition for external volunteering activities, you must complete the following:

  • An ‘engaged’ student will need to be complete 20 hours over a calendar year
  • A ‘highly engaged’ student will need to complete 40 hours over a calendar year

Please note that time spent training for the role can be included in your hours completed for the role, but only if the training occurred in the same calendar year as the rest of the hours you are claiming.