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When industry and research merge a better product is created


New in low-cost housing system to be commercialised off UOW research Remote communities in Australia will get a big boost from a new low-cost cyclone proof housing system developed following collaboration between BuiltQuik, a small family business and University of Wollongong (UOW), and support from the NSW Government. The BuiltQuik project demonstrates what can be achieved by bringing together researchers and SMEs to tackle challenges with innovative approaches.

so we build innovative solutions for the
construction industry the original
patent for this collapsible housing
frame polymer concepts but they weren't
complete with the delivery model for
market they were looking for a
researcher that can help them with
developing and refining the business
model as well as developing the supply
chain solution as an entrepreneur has
been extremely valuable to half-german
has a second brain helping to guide
certain strategies to really create this
business to become sustainable the
aspect that I brought in is moving it
from a frame manufacturing business to
licensing IP business when we finish the
tech voucher we had a road map to the
commercialization of the system because
their business model is geared around
logistics you can take this frame
anywhere in the world

Bluey Merino

"Farm to Lab: A story of innovation, traceability and wearable technology" The joint project has been funded jointly through the NSW Tech-voucher program and Bluey Merino in partnership with UOW Intelligent Polymer Research Institute (IPRI), led by Dr. Javad Foroughi.

Nowchem & Venus Shell Systems

"For business to grow we have to innovate" This project sees the farming of locally grown seaweed manufactured in to a pharmaceutical grade health and beauty consumable. Through collaboration with UOW researchers, the team are able to create a scientifically proven product.

Manufacturing Metal Solutions

"Doing things better, smarter, faster" Manufacturing Metal Solutions (MMS) turns recycled glass into an innovative product with the help of the University of Wollongong.


"It's so important to have research evidence based information to make better decisions" Discover how the University of Wollongong (UOW) applied its technology and expertise to help Warrigal find innovative solutions to reduce its residents' power bills.

Other case studies

child with headphones lays on couch with lap top Focus Pocus

Learn about how UOW researchers developed a drug free solution for Children with ADHD via gaming software.

Pair of men's hands holding white ribbon White Ribbon

Collaboration that advances the White Ribbon Campaign for the prevention of men's violence against women.

city in the distance and house roofs in the foreground Ecotech

A University of Wollongong invention will help governments around the world measure greenhouse gasses simultaneously.

blue sky with orange abstract mining equipment Bulk Materials Handling

UOW BMEA engineers teamed up with UK software provider to develop a technology that revolutionises design for the reliable and safe handling and supply of bulk commodities

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