Student complaints

What is a complaint?

The University aims to treat any concern or complaint seriously, and will seek a resolution as quickly as possible.

Feedback & suggestions

If you have general feedback i.e. suggestions, praise, or a concern (and you are not requesting a formal investigation) feedback can be submitted via UOW's Feedback portal.

Safe and Respectful Communities (SARC)

The University of Wollongong is committed to creating a safe and respectful environment for all members of our community. If you have witnessed or experienced behaviour that is threatening, offensive, or could be seen to be harassing or discriminatory in any way the university encourages you to speak out, report and seek support.

For more information on support services and reporting visit the SARC webpage.

General complaints

If you have experienced a problem with a UOW service, product, staff member or student, and you would like a formal investigation to commence, then you should let us know by submitting a formal complaint.

Lodge general complaints via Complaints Management website.

Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions (Coursework)

If you have a concern about a mark or grade you received and require clarification or you have an issue with a decision we made (e.g. about academic consideration, reasonable adjustment, credit for prior learning or supplementary assessment) that has affected your academic progress, we ask that you first speak to a staff member close to the issue and seek to resolve to your concern informally.

If the issue can’t be resolved informally and you have eligible grounds to request a formal review, then you can submit a request for a Review of Academic Decision.

Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions Policy and Procedures for the Review of Marks or Grades and Other Academic Decisions (Coursework) are available on the UOW Policy Directory.

Lodge a Request for Review of Academic Decision via Complaints Management.

Complaint resolution process

Step 1 - resolve informally (self managed)

Wherever possible and appropriate, UOW encourages individuals to attempt to resolve the issue informally i.e., with the respective area/person, service, before lodging a formal complaint. If you are a student, you are encouraged to work through the matters of concern with the appropriate staff member (closest to the situation) as this is often the most effective way to resolve issues without further escalation. For example most issues can be resolved informally through discussion with your faculty, Tutor, Lecturer, Course Advisor, Head of Students or the head of the relevant academic or administrative unit.

Step 2 - submit formal complaint (university managed)

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome at the self-managed stage you are welcome to escalate your issue through the formal complaint process.

Non-Academic Complaints

If you have a complaint relating to a non-academic matter, you can contact the Complaints Management Centre

Request for Review of Academic Decision

Submitting a request in a coursework subject (including Honours)

Submitting a complaint about Higher Degree Research (HDR) Candidature:

If you have any comments or questions about the Academic Complaints process please contact the Academic Quality and Standards Unit by emailing


Step 3 - appeal process (external avenues)

If you have followed all internal complaint resolution processes, you are welcome to refer your matter to an external body.

The NSW Ombudsman is one avenue you can use to make a complaint about administrative actions and decisions of the University.

If you have not followed the University's internal grievance procedures, the Ombudsman may ask you to do so before accepting the complaint.


Need help?

UOW has a range of services that can assist you with advice and guidance - including , Student Advocacy Officers, Student Central, and your Faculty Staff.