Research Services Office

Supporting researchers with all their compliance, funding, and technology logistical requirements

What we stand for

We will enable our researchers to be creative, innovative, and successful through focused expert research support. We will seek to maximise opportunities for UOW research to achieve sustainable local and global impact.

To be a world leading, inclusive Research Services Office, connecting and empowering research success to achieve excellence, innovation and impact.

We are the central hub for research grants, commercial research contracts, research business systems, research profiling initiatives, and faculty research operations. Our purpose is to support and enable our researchers through:

  • Research grants and development, providing expert advice, training and guidance on identifying funding opportunities, developing grant applications, ensuring compliance with requirements and post-award management, including contractual obligations.
  • Commercial research contracts and consultancies with government and businesses, providing support to negotiate the commercial terms of agreements and to protect UOW’s IP and commercial position in consultation with the Legal Services Unit.
  • Research analytics, systems and support for the development and maintenance of business systems, allocation of high performance computing resources, online research profiles, research impact, eResearch training, performance data, rankings and reporting.
  • Faculty Research Operations to support the research operations of all Faculties. The team supports each ADR in the growth and development of the Faculty research profile and manages research support policies and processes for academic staff in the Faculty.
  • Strategic capacity building, with the DVC-RI, RAID, Faculties and Institutes, to expand our networks and strategic partnerships with government, business and community.
Collaborative We share our expertise, knowledge and resources to get results Transparency in connection and communication, Seeking out different perspectives, Making room for different ways of working.
Respectful We show consideration and regard for everyone Respect for expertise and knowledge, Empathy, Courtesy and communication, Understanding different perspectives.
Integrity We are honest, ethical and reliable at all times Honesty, Living by example, Maintaining high moral standards, Values and fairness, Equity.
Innovative We think outside the box Introducing new ideas, Seeking inspiration, Being curious, Original & creative thinking, Engineering novel solutions.
Supportive We encourage and help each other Active listening with kindness and patience, Trusting and dependable, Knowledgeable and being willing to share that knowledge, Self-awareness.
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New Researcher Information Guide

Are you a new UOW researcher and want to know how the Research and Innovation Division can assist you? Take a look at the New Researcher Information Guide.

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