Studiosity – 24/7 academic skills support for students

In the latest Student Experience Survey, you told us that you want ongoing services and support that will help you to be successful in your studies.

We heard you, and as a result of your feedback UOW has introduced Studiosity – a free online service that provides guidance and feedback on your academic skills, 24/7.

With Studiosity you’ll have on-demand and online access to friendly subject consultants to help you with foundational concepts around Maths, English, Science, Business, study skills and more.

How does Studiosity work?

Constructive writing feedback in less than 24 hours

Upload your written draft and in less than 24 hours a Studiosity consultant specialising in the English language will send it back with relevant comments, suggestions and encouragement for how you can improve your own work. This might include helping you understand an assignment question, provide advice on research skills, help you improve grammar or structure etc.

Connect Live for one-to-one help in real time

If you prefer to work through your questions with a real person, you can do that via an interactive classroom using chat, a collaborative whiteboard and file sharing. This might include looking a specific issue in your writing or working through a maths or science question on a foundational topic.

How will Studiosity help you?

Studiosity can help you when you’re stuck or need some guidance on how to improve your work. It can also help increase your confidence with your study and writing too – in fact, 92% of students who use the service say they feel more confident after using Studiosity.

As the service is online, and on-demand, you can get the support you need, when you need it.

How to access Studiosity

There are two ways to access Studiosity via Moodle.

Option 1:

From the beginning of session, you will be able to access your free Studiosity account in most Moodle subject sites. Click on the ‘Studiosity: 24/7 study help’ link as shown below:


Option 2:

If Studiosity is not showing in your Moodle Subject site, visit and enrol yourself into the Studiosity (UOW) Moodle site. Once you have enrolled yourself, simply click on the ‘Studiosity: 24/7 study help’ link within that Moodle site.

Setting up your Studiosity account:

Once you’ve clicked on the ‘Studiosity: 24/7 study help’ link, you’ll be taken into your account. To set this up, you’ll need to create a 4-digit PIN, so be sure you make it something you’ll remember.

When you first access Studiosity you'll be asked to agree to the Studiosity Privacy and Cookies Policy and Acceptable Use Policy. Accepting these terms will provide Studiosity with your name, UOW email address and subject ID.

Is there a limit to how often I can use this service?

UOW students are able to have 15 interactions with Studiosity per session (the limit resets in July). Each writing feedback submission or connect live session counts as one interaction. The number of Studiosity interactions you have remaining is displayed on the right hand side of your Studiosity portal.

Studiosity: Live study help, anywhere

Studying can be challenging, especially when you start stressing over a problem.

Don't worry, Studiosity is here to help.

Wherever you are, we're there with you too.

Studiosity offers personal, online support, anywhere.

From our dedicated team of Subject Specialists, we'll work with you to get you the help you need, giving you the confidence and essential skills to succeed.

You can connect live with us to chat, illustrate, and even upload diagrams and files to work through your question with a Specialist in real-time.

Remember, whenever you feel stuck, just look for Studiosity.