Student Accessibility and Inclusion (SAI)

Formerly Disability Services

The Student Accessibility and Inclusion (SAI) team offers personalised assistance for students living with a disability who are studying at UOW. We use reasonable adjustments, provided through Access Plans, to enable students with disability to participate in education on the same basis as students without disability.

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Whether you need access to equipment, note takers, or assistive technology, or require exam assistance, study adjustments, or simply need to find the right UOW services for you, our team can help.

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Our team works with you through the registration process to identify your learning strengths and how you can make the most of your studies at UOW. While each individual is different, here are some of the common adjustments that you can access during your studies:

Access Plans (formerly reasonable adjustments RA)

The Student Accessibility and Inclusion Team works with you to create an Access Plan. These plans are tailored to your individual needs and include reasonable adjustments identified to assist you to fully participate in learning at UOW. Some examples of reasonable adjustments are:

  • Equipment including assistive technology
  • Access for hearing impairment
  • Adjustment to classroom/teaching space or placement
  • Adjustment to assessment conditions
  • In-class assistance and adjustments
  • Mobility parking

Referrals to other UOW services

We can also refer you to other relevant UOW programs and resources, including:

Resources available for UOW staff who would like to learn more about Student Access Plans and the registration process are available through the UOW Staff Intranet.

Our campuses have options for mobility parking, drop off, public transport and building access so that all students have an equitable learning experience.

There are many ways you can work with students with a disability to contribute to UOW's inclusive and accessible university environment. From note-taking and mentoring to physical assistance in labs, or helping your fellow students transition to UOW, we have roles that you can get involved with.

We recruit for roles throughout the year. Subscribe to the UOW Job Board or get in touch with the team to hear about job opportunities.