Exam FAQs

Final exams for Spring and Trimester 3 will continue to be held online and remotely, except for a small number of exams requiring a practical assessment component. 

Some exams will be supervised online due to accreditation or specific learning requirements.

Students will receive more detailed information about their exams via SOLSmail.

To help you prepare for the exam period, we have developed a range of frequently asked questions, which you can find below.

Note: If you are sitting a UOW College exam or enrolled at an offshore campus, please refer to their websites for specific information relating to your exams.

Contact Exam Support

Having a problem during an exam? Call the number below for dedicated Exam Support, or use the IT Support Online Chat, 8am - 10pm Mon - Fri, and 8.30am - 8pm Sat - Sun.

+61 2 4221 3000 Online Chat

Your exam timetable and information

Personalised exam timetables for Spring and Trimester 3 will be published in SOLS (under Timetable > Exam Timetable) on 5 October 2021. For timetable release dates for other sessions, visit the exam dates page.

  1. Click the Access Exam Timetable button in the Exam Timetable menu item in SOLS.
  2. You may then need to log in to your UOW account again
  3. Select the correct exam period

If you are unable to access your personalised exam timetable and you are seeing the ‘Sorry your login was correct but you are not recorded in our database’ message, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Make sure that you are looking at the exam event in the correct session of study.
  2. If you are not in the correct exam event please click ‘view a different exam period’, ‘click here’ and select the correct exam period.
  3. If you are in the correct exam event and still see the database message please try refreshing the page.
  4. If you still cannot access your timetable, try opening an incognito window or another browser, then accessing SOLS and the timetable link. You will be prompted to log in with your UOWmail credentials again.
  5. If you are still not able to view your timetable let the Exams Team know via email at exams@uow.edu.au.

Your exam timetable will be organised by subject. Under each subject, the following details will be listed:

  • The time the exam starts and the duration of the exam
  • The format of the exam and whether it will be supervised
  • Items you should have available to complete the task (e.g. UOW approved calculator/textbooks or other reference material)
  • Reasonable adjustments (if you have applied and been approved for them)

If you have any questions about your exam timetable, please contact the Exams Team at exams@uow.edu.au.

The format, timing and submission processes for final exams are specific for each subject and will be listed on your exam timetable. Exam formats include:

  • Online exam (via Moodle)
  • Online supervised exam (via Moodle and supervised via Zoom)
  • Practical exam on campus

Please make sure you read your exam timetable closely. If you have any questions about your exam timetable, please contact the Exams Team at exams@uow.edu.au.

Your exam timetable will outline the materials permitted for your exam and any reference material required for the exam.

Listed reference materials may include:

  • Open book – any reference materials permitted
  • Restricted – only materials specified are permitted (e.g. textbook, formula sheet, UOW approved calculator)
  • Closed book – no reference materials are permitted

All unsupervised exams will be open book. Open book does not mean you can discuss the exam with other students during the exam. Academic integrity still applies, and students are expected to only submit work that they have written themselves.

You should ensure that you are available to sit exams during the entire exam period, as holidays and normal work and carers' commitments are not considered valid reasons for missing an exam.

However, Academic Consideration can be granted in serious or extenuating circumstances which are beyond your control and which significantly impair your ability to sit an exam or complete an assessment task.

Applications for academic consideration will be considered on the basis of medical grounds, compassionate grounds and/or extenuating circumstances. For more information, visit the Academic Consideration webpage.

If your request is approved, you will be allocated a WD – Withheld Deferred grade for the subject, until such time you have successfully completed the deferred exam.

For Spring and Trimester 3, deferred exams will be held between 13-17 December 2021.

If two of your exams are scheduled at exactly the same time on the same day, this is considered to be a direct clash. In most of these cases, UOW will contact you with details of the arrangements which will be made to deal with the clash. If you are concerned that you have not heard from us, you should contact the Exams Team within one week following the timetable being released with details of the clash.

When scheduling exams, UOW attempts to avoid any students having to sit exams for two subjects on one day. However, it is not possible to have every student with only one exam per day. Approximately 10% of students in any given exam period will have two exams scheduled on the same day. This is not considered to be a clash situation, and under normal circumstances exams will not be rescheduled.

You are able to apply for an adjustment to your exam timetable if your timetable shows that you have:

  • MORE than two exams scheduled on any one day,
  • MORE than three exams scheduled on two consecutive days, or
  • You are overseas and the scheduled exam start time falls between 9pm and 7am in your local time.

To apply for an adjustment to your exam timetable, you must submit a request for special exam arrangements form by 15 October 2021.

If approved, an adjustment will be made to your exam timetable and you will be contacted by the Exams Team with further details.

If you are studying by distance, you are not required to organise a supervisor for your exams, as your exams are being delivered online and remotely. Please refer to your exam timetable for all requirements relating to your exams.

If you are undertaking your exam in another country, please take note of different time zones as explained below.

All exam dates and times for Australian-based UOW subjects are listed in Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT). This includes due dates and submission times for alternate assessment tasks.

If you are currently overseas and enrolled in Australian-based subjects, you should account for any time difference between AEDT and your local time zone. This online Time Zone Converter can assist in converting a date and time in AEDT to your local time zone overseas.

If you are unable to sit an exam at the scheduled time due to time zone issues please contact the Exams Team before 15 October 2021 to assess alternative exam sittings for you. Alternate exam sittings will only be approved if your exam start time falls between 9pm-7am in your local time.


Any provisions that we can reasonably accommodate will be provided. There may be some aspects of your RA document that we are not able to assist within a remote environment, this will be discussed with you to determine alternate arrangements. If you have concerns about your individual RA document please contact your disability liaison officer.

If you are required to take a deferred or supplementary exam, you will not be eligible to graduate until your final results are released. Once results are released, you can reapply to graduate in the next available conferral round and will be conferred at the earliest opportunity. You can find exam key dates on our website.

Preparing for your exams

Yes. Please check the key dates pages for study recess and exam dates.

Invigilation is the term used to describe the process of exam supervision.

There are some UOW subjects that require exam supervision as a core assessment and/or accreditation requirement. It allows us to ensure high academic integrity and to monitor for possible academic misconduct.

Some exams in Spring and Trimester 3 will be supervised via Zoom.

If you have an online exam that will be supervised via Zoom it will be noted on your personalised exam timetable and you will receive information via SOLSmail.

Please read the important information about Zoom supervised exams prior to your exam.

Our Sydney CBD, Southern Sydney and South Western Sydney campuses are currently closed in response to the current COVID-19 situation across Greater Sydney.

All other Australian campuses remain open and accessible to students undertaking essential study only and who cannot study from home. Our campus libraries and study spaces, are open with COVID safe rules and occupancy limits in place.

Student must present their UOW Student Card or other form of ID (e.g. driver licence) to gain entry to the UOW Wollongong Campus Library.

For more information on accessing campus facilities, visit our website.

Students can also continue to access our full range of academic and personal support services online.

Students who don’t have access to Wi-Fi, a place to study, a computer, or who don’t have a webcam/microphone and have an online supervised exam may be able to request equipment or seek other IT support.

If you are unable to sit your exams at home (for example, you do not have an adequate workspace at home), please complete the special exam arrangements form at least one week prior to the exam period. UOW will be able to provide a limited number of spaces and computers on campus for students who cannot sit their online exams at home.

Remote exams will be hosted online, so it’s important you are well set up. 

Read your exam timetable carefully

Your timetable will list all the important details about your exams, including times, format any required items (like calculators and textbooks). Note down any exams in your calendar so you don’t miss them.

Test your technology with our online tool

We've developed a Technical Practice Exam that allows you to test your internet and equipment prior to your exam. We recommend you take this practice exam so you can make sure everything works as it should ahead of time.

Prepare for any Zoom supervised exams

If you have a supervised exam, make sure you have read the Zoom supervision information, have logged in to the UOW Zoom Portal to check your account is activated, have the required technology, and have prepared your workspace.

Have a stable internet connection

Ensure your internet connection is not interrupted or slowed. Ask other people in your house not to watch Netflix or download large files while you are sitting your exam.

If you think you may not be able to complete your exams at home due to internet connectivity issues, a lack of required IT equipment or other extenuating circumstances, please complete the request for special exam arrangements form.

Ensure your devices are charged

If you’re using a laptop, make sure it’s charged and you’re near a power source should you need it.

Set up a quiet workspace and remove distractions

If you have housemates, let them know when your exams are on. Ensure browser pop-ups and social media notifications are turned off.

Allow plenty of time to set up

Ensure you’ve allowed plenty of time beforehand to set up your device, check your internet connection and log into the system.

Know what to do if you need help during an exam

Contact the Exams Support team on +61 4221 3000 8 am - 10 pm Monday to Friday and 10 am – 10 pm Saturday to Sunday, or you can report an exam issue via our exam issues form.

On exam day

Your exam timetable will include instructions on how to access each exam. Most exams will be hosted online on the subject’s Moodle site. If you have any questions about accessing exams, please contact your Subject Coordinator.

If you think you may not be able to complete your exams online from home due to internet connectivity issues, a lack of required IT equipment, or other extenuating circumstances, please complete the request for special exam arrangements form at least one week prior to the exam period commencing.

You can still commence an online exam late, but you will not be given extra time to compensate for starting late.

Note: If you have an online exam that is being supervised via Zoom, you must be in the zoom session within 30 minutes of the exam commencing. You will not be given extra time if you arrive late.

If you are completing a supervised online exam please have your ID (UOW student card, UOW College student card, Australian Driver Licence or passport) with you for the ID checks at the beginning of the exam.

If a UOW approved calculator is required for your exam, this will be indicated on your personalised exam timetable in SOLS. You can see if your calculator is a UOW approved calculator by checking the list of approved models.

If you experience technical issues during an exam, you can call +61 2 4221 3000 for dedicated Exam Support, or report issues to our Exams Team via our online form.

In a supervised online exam, you can use the Zoom chat function to report issues to your Exam Supervisor who will assist you.

If you have an urgent requirement to step away from your desk during an exam, please follow the instructions below:

In a supervised exam

You must use the Zoom chat function to ask the exam supervisor if you need to take a bathroom break or leave the view of your camera in any way. Please note that once the exam timer commences it cannot be paused, so your break will use up the time available to complete your exam. Any bathroom breaks or time away from the camera will be noted by the supervisor.

In an unsupervised exam

You can step away from your desk for a quick break, but you must return and complete the task within the set time requirements and will not be allocated any extra time.

If you need to leave during a timed remote exam due to illness and are unable to complete it, you may be able to apply for academic consideration to undertake a deferred exam.

However, if you become ill during an exam but complete and submit it, you are no longer eligible to apply for academic consideration. In this instance, you must contact your Subject Coordinator after the exam to discuss your options.

If you are unable to sit an exam due to illness or another extenuating circumstance, you must apply for academic consideration to request a deferred assessment.

If your academic consideration application is successful, you will be allocated a WD – Withheld Deferred grade for the subject, until such time you have successfully completed the deferred assessment.

After your exam

Academic misconduct rules apply to all exams.

All submitted work will continue to be assessed for academic integrity as per normal processes, and students found to be in breach of academic integrity may be subject to academic misconduct penalties.

For more information on the types of academic misconduct at UOW, and associated penalties, please visit the Academic Integrity website.

You can find the legend of grades, publication dates of results and information about how to request the review of a mark or grade on our exams and results webpage.