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UOWx planning sessions

UOWx Planning Sessions via Zoom

To slow the spread of COVID-19, we have temporarily stopped our face-to-face UOWx planning sessions that run out of The Hub until further notice.

UOWx planning sessions will be held via Zoom (video conference) until further notice. Each session runs for 20 minutes.

What will I do in a 20-minute Online Planning Session?

You will ...

  • Be given an overview of UOWx
  • Discuss skills self-assessment results
  • Identify co-curricular 'next steps' to help achieve your goals in the co-curricular space
  • Be given support to develop a co-curricular plan
  • Be able to ask any UOWx related questions

Should I book a session?

Yes if you are ...

  • Seeking more information about UOWx
  • Looking for co-curricular options to pursue, either during the time of remote delivery or for future sessions
  • Seeking assistance in applying for UOWx offerings such as Learning Stream Milestones and the UOWx Award Program

Note: Students accepted in the 2020 UOWx Award program will have specific planning/coaching sessions set up to help assist navigate the specific program requirements. It's recommended you discuss Award program requirements in these sessions. However, if you need more help, you can book into these general sessions.

These sessions will be run via Zoom. It's recommend you have available to you a device that has a microphone, speakers and where possible, a camera.

How to book?

Contact the UOWx Team to organise a session: