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UOWx Chats via Zoom

Book a UOWx Chat with one of our experienced UOWx & Careers Ambassadors.

What is a UOWx Chat?

Our UOWx & Careers Ambassadors are here to answer your UOWx related questions.

These sessions are for students at all UOW campuses and will run for 20 minutes via Zoom.

When booking your chat, you'll be asked to select a topic that you would like assistance with. Topics are:

  • I would like more information on UOWx
  • I would like to know how to start with UOWx
  • I would like to develop a UOWx Plan with the help of a UOWx Ambassador
  • I would like to know how to add an activity to my UOWx Record
  • I need help understanding or applying for Learning Stream Awards
  • I want to find out more about the UOWx Award Program
  • I need help applying for volunteering or workshops that I've completed outside of UOW
  • Other - I will explain in the UOWx Chat

These sessions will be run via Zoom. You will need a device that has a microphone, speakers and where possible, a camera.

For enquiries that are more urgent, please contact the UOWx team at or call (02) 4221 5999.

Book a UOWx Chat

UOWx Chats are running on Fridays throughout November.