Tutorial opening times

When will tutorial enrolments open?

After you have successfully enrolled in subjects for your degree, the next step is to enroll in tutorials.

Tutorials = Seminars, practicals, tutorials, workshops, studios, computer labs etc.

Groups and opening times will appear in SOLS via the "Tutorial Enrolment" link a couple of weeks prior to the opening date.

Please check your SOLS page regularly to ensure the opening dates and times for your tutorial enrolments are not missed.

UOWD students should log in to SOLS to check their Tutorial opening times. If you would like to contact Student Service for advice, please email askuow@uow.edu.au or phone 1300 ASK UOW.

If you are experiencing issues and require specific Faculty advice, please refer to the Tutorial problems webpage for specific Faculty information.

Opening dates and times vary for each Faculty and subject. To determine your subject opening times, please select your Faculty from the list below.


Timetable and tutorial enrolment process

For a step-by-step guide on enrolling in classes, please watch the UOW timetable and tutorial enrolment video which will walk you through the process. If you are experiencing issues and require specific Faculty advice, please refer to the Tutorial Problem web page for Faculty information.

Tutorial and Class Enrolment

So it's your first session at UOW. Once you've enrolled in your degree, it's time to make your timetable.

The first step is to find out when classes are on. It is really important to make sure you will have no clashes when creating your timetable. You can create a draft timetable to check against commitments you've already locked in.

To find your subject requirements, log into SOLS, select Timetable > Subject Timetable. It is important to check the opening times for your tutorial enrolments. Opening dates and times are different for each subject. To check the times, select the 'Enrolment' menu, then 'Tutorial Enrolment' in the left-hand SOLS menu.

Closer to the start of session, your subjects will appear in a table under the 'My Timetable' menu. If there is nothing displayed on this page a week before session, you will need to check your Faculty Central webpage for information regarding your tutorials. This table shows the opening times for each subject.

Tutorials fill up quickly, so it's important to be prepared and ready at the tutorial open times. Before tutorials are available to enrol into, they will be green, when they open they will be yellow. If a tutorial is full, it will be pink. You may not get the first choice you were hoping for, so you may need to select another option. If all tutorials for a particular subject are full, you will need to contact your Faculty Central.

Once you find your preferred available class in yellow, click on it to make your selection, then click enrol now. When you have successfully enrolled in a tutorial, it will appear in 'My Timetable'.

If you need more help, you can click on 'Familiarise yourself with this process' which will take you to a range of FAQs.