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PAL Online

What is 'PASS Online'?

PASS Online is a weekly 1 hour study session, facilitated by a trained student who has previously done well in the subject. PASS Online allows you to attend a group study session that is subject specific and promotes active social learning from the comfort of your own home or wherever you have internet access.

PASS sessions are not recorded. We strongly encourage you to attend for the full hour to maximise your marks.

Who is it for?

PASS Online is available to anyone studying in the subjects where online is offered, regardless of which campus you are studying at.

"As a regional student without the access to a face to face pass, I found the online pass an invaluable resource." - PASS Online Student

"I'm an introvert(ed) person and online is much better for me as I can ask questions in my own comfort and home without the hesitation of asking a question in front of a larger group face to face" - PASS Online Student

"PASS online was a good opportunity to still attend PASS if you were unable to attend on campus during the day and allowed for the comfort and convenience of attending a session while at home. I had better access to my own notes and resources while at home than when on campus at face to face pass" - PASS Online Student

How to log in To PASS Online

  1. Check that PASS Online is available on your subject on the PASS timetable
  2. Access your subject Moodle site.
    We recommend you use Google Chrome for the best experience.

  3. Click on the PASS Online activity, it will look like the screenshot below.
    PASS moodle
  4. Click to join the session.
    PASS moodle 2
  5. Enter your UOW login details.
    PASS login screenshot
  6. On the session information page, enter your details and click Join Now.
    PASS session
  7. Follow any on-screen prompts to download Webex (you will only have to do this once)
    PASS WebEx screenshot

  8. Test your speakers and microphone
    PASS speakers screenshot

You are now logged in to the PASS Online session. Your PASS Leader in the session will help you use the system to maximise your PASS Online experience.