First Gen


First Gen - a trailblazer; a person who is among the first generation in their family to attend higher education.

There is something special about being the first. First on the moon, first female prime minister and being among the first in your family to attend university but it’s not always easy. First Gen is all about celebrating and empowering UOW students who are the first in their immediate family to attend university. Be supported throughout your university journey by connecting with other First Gen students and staff, accessing tailored resources, and attending First Gen celebration events.

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Being First Gen is a massive achievement. So whether you’re a current student or staff, a graduate or a family member – if you or someone you know are First Gen, we want to back you up throughout the university journey.

Renee Arblaster

I did feel like I was going in blind pretty much. I didn’t have any prior knowledge or experiences that could be handed down to me. After attending orientation I settled in pretty quickly though. There was something special about meeting people in the same boat as I was. It was the exchanging of ideas about how they were coping that I found so helpful. Renee Arblaster Bachelor of Social Sciences (Human Geography)

Ashleigh Doherty

My journey to uni was quite intimidating, as it is daunting being the first to navigate an unfamiliar path, but I was always encouraged to dedicate myself to my goals, and this was the path that my love for science and the human body was taking me. Ashleigh Doherty Bachelor of Medical & Health Sciences

Top tips

It’s all about planning! You’ve got to prepare to be prepared for both your uni life and personal life. Stay confident, resist self-doubt and ask for help when you need it.

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