Project Everest

Solving the world's social issues

Project Everest Ventures creates socially beneficial, affordable and tailored business solutions that tackle social issues in developing communities.

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Project Everest Ventures
We believe that the world's biggest social issues can be solved using social enterprise. We believe we can democratise development. We believe that we can enable 1 billion people by 2030.

Why study with Project Everest Ventures?

Project Everest Ventures provides university students with business, leadership and entrepreneurial skills through immersive overseas social enterprise internships. Course credits and funding through HECS or NCP Grants enable students to gain a competitive edge in the job market, gain valuable start-up skills and relevant real-world experience applying their degree to something that actually matters.

Virtual impact programs:

In response to Covid-19 Project Everest are offering 3 unparalleled virtual impact programs as their global projects are currently on hold.
These programs partner with leading industry experts, entrepreneurs and the global B Corporation community to provide students with real world work experience, consulting on some of the world’s biggest challenges.

  • Virtual Impact Program | Tackle a real-life consulting project for a global social enterprise in a 20 day intensive, all without leaving your couch.
  • Rural Impact Program | Learn and apply the principles of social impact consulting for cutting edge tech companies to enable communities in the Aussie backyard
  • Global Impact Program | Take your internship global, working alongside local communities and challenging yourself to create sustainable international development 

Global projects:

  • FarmEd | Tackling access to agricultural expertise and increasing economic opportunities and food security through tech enabled agricultural advice.
  • Fuel/ Rocket Stove | Developing clean cook stoves made from recycled materials that reduce biomass usage by 50%, aimed at improving respiratory health, and resource-efficient cooking.
  • Everest Recyclable Solutions | Implementation and optimisation of the collection, management, treatment, and reuse supply chain of recyclables to ensure environmentally beneficial outcomes.
  • Social Consulting | Removing barriers to affordable financial and business advice, coupled with micro-financing, to accelerate microenterprises amongst local communities.
  • Solar Consulting | Enabling off-the-grid, household access to reliable and efficient alternative energy through small scale solar solutions.
  • Health | Saves time and medical resources by tackling access to health care in rural communities through AI enabled medical diagnosis.

Where: Malawi, Fiji, Timor-Leste and India
When: January, February, June, July, December | 4, 8 or 12 weeks (depending on availability)
Training and Learning Awareness: Business, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Cultural Awareness, Problem Solving, Interdisciplinary Teamwork
Methodologies: Design Thinking, Lean Start-Up, FOCUS Framework, Scaling Up
Level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Academic Credit/Grants:

ENGG454/ECTE399: Professional Experience
As a requirement for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Engineering, students are required to obtain at least 12 weeks approved professional experience in a relevant industry during the course and submit a report to the satisfaction of the Work Experience subject coordinators. A Project Everest Ventures Project may be able to account for a maximum of 4 weeks of your professional experience requirement, subject to pre-approval by the relevant subject coordinator.

CRLP200: Careers Ready Learning and PracticeUOW Careers Central offers this professional placement (internship) elective subject to all undergraduate students who have completed at least 72 credit points. Project Everest can count as the professional experience for CRLP200.

COMM391: Business Internship ProgramStudents who have completed 72 credit points of their Business degree, can apply for the program and count Project Everest as their internship experience whilst also receiving credit. Enrolment in COMM391 enables students to apply for an OS-HELP loan.


If you are committed to creating social change, sustainable social enterprises and achieving determined sustainable development goals across the globe, then we want to hear from you. We are seeking capable, passionate, and committed people to join our team, with the potential for further leadership and business training. Be part of the social change and get involved.

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