GWP 901: Professional Workplace Practice

GWP 901 is a core subject for Masters of Nursing International program and is an elective in selected Masters of Science programs. It combines the theories and practices of Career Development Learning with employability skills development and application.

It has particular emphasis on skills that are fit-for-purpose regardless of the students' career aspirations. For example, students will work collaboratively in groups on projects using methodologies such as design thinking and effective teamwork. They will hone their communication and job seeking skills through the creation of tailored job related documents, also enabling them to participate in recruitment processes for desired and realistic career pathways. Likewise, students will learn cultural norms and ways of interacting in different professional settings.


What you will learn

This subject has been designed to help international MONI students gain the knowledge and the confidence to find work in Australia. Topics include:

  • Managing your career in a rapidly changing world of work
  • Creative job searching in Australia – knowing where the jobs are and how to apply for them
  • Recognising your strengths and marketing yourself for success
  • Ways to enhance your employability skills
  • Analysing a job advertisement and responding to selection criteria
  • Writing an effective resume and cover letter (for the health industry)
  • Developing your interview skills and answering commonly asked questions
  • Understanding Australian workplace culture and expectations
  • Expanding your professional networks to enhance employability


GWP 901 is a core subject for Masters of Nursing International degree and is an elective in selected Masters of Science degrees. Students who meet the following criteria can enrol:

  • Studying at Wollongong/South Western Sydney
  • Undertaking a Master of Nursing International degree or eligible Masters of Science degrees
  • At the time of enrolment in GWP 901, student has completed a minimum of 48 credit points of their Masters degree

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GWP 901 is conducted in Autumn and Spring sessions. Enrol in this subject via SOLS.

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