Support and engage with our students

There is something special about putting your organisation front and centre with our students in a workshop or mentor-based setting. It’s not about advertising your roles, it’s not about an immediate result - it’s all about being strategic. UOW students are studying to better themselves and their career. Some know what they’re aiming for, some don’t. What is common to all though is that they are looking to be inspired, looking to be engaged and looking to find a goal and work towards it. When you invest your time in an employer session or program like those below, and show what your organisation is all about, you can become that goal they are working towards. Check out ways to get involved.

Univative 2021 applications are now closed. Information regarding Univative 2022 will be updated here later in the year.

Univative has been supporting local, regional and metropolitan businesses since the program launched in 2004. It was designed take students from the classroom to the boardroom and to provide students with consultancy experience, working with organisations from all sectors to address real strategic issues and business challenges.

Since its launch, Univative has supported 80+ businesses and has had 1,200+ students complete the program.


For businesses, it opens the door to student talent, fresh perspectives, extra resources and an efficient way to assess students for future employment.

For students, it provides a means to test their knowledge, build their skills and grow their professional network.

Role of host organisations

Businesses are required to set a challenge that reflects an actual need of the organisation for students to tackle in small inter-disciplinary teams. In partnership with Careers Central, a staff member from the participating organisation is elected to mentor and coach the students over the course of 4 weeks, while they work on developing a solution through collaborative research. Each student team will produce a written business report and a final video presentation which the project host will judge and select a winning team.


Contact our team via email, or phone on (02) 4221 3325, to register your interest and to find out more.

The UOW Mentoring Program aims to match current UOW students with UOW alumni who are keen to share their advice and experience in their industry.

How does it work?

  • It runs over 8 weeks
  • We match you, the experienced mentor, with a current UOW student eager to engage and gain insight into the opportunities and challenges of working in your workplace or industry
  • You and your mentee agree on the amount of time you spend together within that period, making it work for both of you, with a minimum of 4-5 hours contact
  • Then you follow that agreement together - learning, networking and engaging with each other

What's in it for you

It is now recognised that modern mentoring can benefit mentors as much as those that they mentor. Such benefits include:

  • Satisfying the natural human desire to share knowledge and experience
  • Achieve satisfaction: for some mentors, having a mentee succeed and eventually become a friend and colleague, is one of their greatest joys
  • Develop your professional network: in making contacts for your mentees, you strengthen your own contacts and make new ones
  • Extend your contribution: the results of good mentoring live after you, as former mentees continue to contribute even after you have moved on


Find out how you can participate in the UOW Mentoring Program.

UOWx is an initiative that encourages students to develop the transferable skills that potential employers are looking for. Students who graduate with a UOWx Award or UOWx Record have demonstrated commitment to gaining experience and skills outside of the classroom during their time at the University of Wollongong. Employers are able to get involved in the UOWx program and meet future graduates from UOW by:

  • recognising UOWx documents during recruitment periods
  • mentoring extraordinary UOWx Award candidates
  • attending our events (leadership summits, industry presentations, online seminars and more)

Find out more about UOWx.

Share your expertise by hosting an interactive workshop to help our students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to transition successfully into the workforce. From leadership skills to upcoming technological trends and innovations, the options are endless. 

Core skills workshops are free of charge and subject to approval. Our 2021 core workshops include: 


  • Start-Ups – What to expect and building your own work
  • Self-Identity – Optimising and utilising your strengths
  • Proactive Learning – Pioneering your career and managing up
  • Future Jobs – Obtaining micro credentials to be adaptable
  • Artificial Intelligence and Automation – How they will change your future work

Already completed for 2021:

  • Technology – How to conduct yourself online and market yourself
  • Transforming your Skills – Working as a freelancer/contractor/temp worker
  • Agile Mindset – Flexibility and Adaptability

Contact to register your interest for available workshops.