ENGG980: Professional Communications and Engineering Workplace Practice

Master of Engineering International students at UOW complete a Professional Practice subject (ENGG980) to help them successfully transition into the world of work. A key feature of this subject includes participation in a real-world industry project that provides an invaluable experience for students by expanding their understanding of industry practices. It also provides a meaningful opportunity to contribute to solving real business problems and opportunities to connect with people who work in their area of study.

Our students are diverse. They hold undergraduate Engineering degrees across multiple disciplines (Civil, Mechanical, Mining, Electrical, Telecommunications, Computer and Materials), have various levels of professional experiences in their fields (in Australia and/or overseas), and come from multiple countries. Several multidisciplinary teams of 4-6 students supervised by their lecturers and tutors will work with you on your business problem. Over eight weeks the teams will work to solve your industry problem and present their recommendations in a presentation and a report.

Benefits to your organisation?

  • Potential solutions to your business problem from different perspectives.
  • An opportunity to give back to students, increasing their opportunities to gain employment and supporting the local economy.
  • An injection of new thinking and fresh ideas from International students from multidisciplinary backgrounds.
  • Assistance with short-term projects that otherwise may not be possible.
  • Build professional development skills for your existing employees, e.g. as a mentor – your employees can gain other skills that can benefit your company in the future.

Hosting an industry project

Defining your industry problem

Your organisation will provide a short brief outlining the problem you would like the students to work on. This problem should be engineering and/or technology related and may include a business component. If you have a challenge you would like the students to tackle, our team will work with you to define the problem in a way that aligns with the students’ learning outcomes and assessment, and meets your needs.

To define your industry problem, you will need to submit an online brief form. We have included some guidelines on how to frame your problem and the questions on the online form in "Attachment 2" and an example brief in "Attachment 3".

Your commitment as a host

  • Preparation of a "pack" of company data and useful information the students need to address the problem you’ve provided which will assist the students in their project delivery and presentation.
  • Allocation of a dedicated contact person for the duration of the project. This person may provide guidance and respond to questions posed by UOW staff supervising the students, but is not responsible for day to day management of the student projects.
  • Attendance at three tutorial sessions to introduce the project, to check in at the midpoint, and for the presentations of the project outcomes. Several student teams will work on your problem and you will provide feedback on their work.


  1. Initial orientation (2 hours) with the student teams working on project, to take them through the brief and to give them exposure to organisation/industry.
  2. Response to student proposals. Students will complete an early assessment where they prepare a proposal response to the brief. We would appreciate your feedback to the student proposal as part of the assessment process. (this can be done online)
  3. Progress and check in session (1 hour). Provides an opportunity for questions and project guidance. This session also helps to ensure the teams are on track and that you are happy with the direction and progress of the work. In this session we would appreciate your feedback on the student proposals.
  4. Final presentations (2 hours). Student teams present their findings to you. You will provide general constructive feedback to the teams on their performance at the conclusion of allpresentations.
  5. Report Feedback form. After the presentation the top two draft reports will be provided for host feedback on these reports (maximum one page).


To express your interest in being a Host Organisation for UOW’s Engineering student projects, please contact:

Rebecca Forbes
Employer Connections Coordinator

Email: rebecca_forbes@uow.edu.au
Phone: +61 2 4221 5090