CRLP200: Career Ready Learning and Practice

CRLP200: Career Ready Learning and Practice is a practical subject designed to help undergraduate students focus on their career goals, develop their professional skills and help them successfully transition into the world of work. A key feature of CRLP200 includes participation in a real-world industry project that provides an invaluable experience for students by expanding their understanding of industry practices, giving them an opportunity to learn and apply skills specific to their studies.

We see your business as a potential partner where we can build students’ skills and at the same time, give back to industry by having students work on providing real world solutions to an industry problem.

Students can be from all faculties at UOW and therefore provide great opportunities to engage the broader spectrum of UOW students.

Disciplines include:
Finance | Accounting | Marketing | Humanities | Arts | Creative Arts | IT | Business | Science | Health | Management | Social Sciences | Engineering | HR | Nutrition | and many more.

How to get involved

We are looking for hosts for either short-term or long-term projects. Your project may be completed in just one semester, or you may have a more complex project that could be broken down into smaller iterations over multiple semesters. Participating in this involves providing suitable learning opportunities to the students from an experienced supervisor.

Industry Projects

Criteria: Unpaid project must relate to student’s area of study

Insurance: Covered for the duration of the internship or project (subject to approval)

Length of project: At least over one academic semester. Longer projects can occur over several semesters.

Project dates:

  • Autumn session 2023: March - June 2023

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Potential benefits to your organisation

  • Solutions to your business challenge with different perspectives.
  • An opportunity to give back to students, increasing their opportunities to gain employment and supporting the local economy.
  • An injection of new thinking and fresh ideas from students from multi- disciplinary backgrounds and disciplines.
  • Assistance with short-term projects that otherwise may not be possible.
  • Build professional development skills for your existing employees, e.g. as a mentor/supervisor – your employees can gain other skills that can benefit your company in the future and provide your employees with professional development.


Rebecca Forbes
Employer Connections Coordinator

Phone: +61 2 4221 5090