A group of students smiling at the camera

Illawarra Friends of International Students (IFIS)

Run by volunteers from the local community and current international students, IFIS is funded by UOW and organises a diverse range of programs and activities, including English Language Groups and Cultural Cooking Classes.

For all of our programs and activities, please check out our International Student Social and Friendship webpage.

You can all follow IFIS on Facebook.

IFIS Committee

Name Role
Neville Doherty President
Jan Kemper Vice President (Community)
Xiaoyu Song Vice President (International)
Katherine Choi Treasurer
Cliff Barker Secretary
Mengdan Chen Committee Member (Community)
Peter Beattie Committee Member (Community)
Peter Steele Committee Member (Community)
Heqing Huang Committee Member (International)
Gayani Gunasekera Committee Member (International)
Darcy Cullen Committee Member (Events)