Counselling services for international students

Counsellors are available to help international students experiencing stresses related to living away from home and studying in a foreign country.

While most international students find their time at the University of Wollongong to be positive and rewarding, students sometimes struggle with cultural differences and other difficult life situations. In addition to the pressure of having to achieve high marks, international students may find themselves feeling lonely, isolated or home sick.

As a member of BUPA, you have access to a 24hr telephone student support line: 1300 884 235

Advice can be provided in 180 languages, for a range of emergency situations, medical or otherwise, including:

  • medical and accident assistance
  • personal, home and property assistance
  • general tax and legal inquiries
  • trauma counselling

For help with your transition to UOW and Australia, please refer to International Student Programs, which includes further information on support services for UOW international students

For help adapting to the educational system offered at the University of Wollongong and study assistance, Learning Co-Op and Learning Development services are here to help.