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Get involved in informal, fun and inclusive chats via Zoom (online) with your peers through Couch Conversations. There's something special about connecting with fellow students and staff from UOW. There's a learning, a comradery, a unity that comes with it and we know you are missing it. While we can't connect in person on campus like we once did, it's time to take those conversations virtual.

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Couch Conversation session are back in 2021 with a new timetable. Join a session that suits you.

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Couch Conversations introduction (image)
"Laughter during the session"
Student: You go, all good.
Student: I was saying, all good, thank you Sarah. Yeah, just quiet a lot of things on the to-do list which I’m obviously ignoring.

Friends from all campuses & all countries (image)
Student: How about you guys? Um, I have like 50 million things to do on my to-do list, and I’m just kind of hiding it behind my laptop so I can’t see it.

Pets, Netflix & taking a break (image)
Student: Yeah I kind of feel like I’m in the same boat as Ana, just so many things to do and no time to do it at all. But then I feel like I do sometimes have time and I just watch Grey’s Anatomy, so I need to get my life together and sort that out.

You’re on mute (image)
Facilitator: Do you have a dog in the background?... You’re on mute.
Student: Yes, he’s got the sock and I’m trying to [get it back]. This is Nelson, he’s very playful.
Facilitator: Very cute.
Facilitator: Hi, Nelson!
Student: Any other Netflix suggestions? I am open to everything.

Tips & tricks (image)
Facilitator: Because everyone’s got experience, what would be your top tip for someone starting this semester or beginning remote learning? Something for them to look out for or to start working on now so that they’re not falling behind in a couple of weeks’ time.
Student: So, what works for me is to have a big note / to-do list in front of my desk so whenever I sit here watching a Netflix series, I can look at it and go into the good trap that oh my god I still have to do that. So that it still kind of helps me to do stuff a little bit more than I used to, so I have a big paper there like ‘assignment is due on this date, stop watching this show and start working’, so that pretty much works for me. I think constant reminders are going to help because you have the choice to postpone things now, so yeah, that's pretty much it for me.
Student: I would say, don’t forget to do breaks and not just breaks when you are again watching Netflix which is exciting and relaxing, but also breaks when you go outside and breathe fresh and air and maybe walk or do some exercises because it is very tempting to stay at home.

A little social interaction (image)
Facilitator: [I know] it’s a bit weird to start with to connect through this way, but I think that it’s nice to then see people’s faces. Yeah, I don’t know how everybody else is feeling.
Student: Yes, it’s really nice to see you all because after a long time we are meeting like in such a platform, and yes it’s really great in this new semester.

About the Couch Conversation sessions

Couch Conversations session are on throughout the week. You can join in one, or a lot – it’s your choice, or you can even become a regular – just sign up.

Couch Conversations participants are also formally recognised through UOWx.

What can you expect?

  • An intimate group of students joining in a conversation (just so everyone feels comfortable and heard). 
  • CC sessions are a platform through which all our UOW students - from all campuses and countries, all study areas and all walks of life - can connect. Whatever your motivation, whether it's to share experiences, develop cross-cultural relationships, practice your English or hear about tips and tricks for work, study and play - everyone is welcome!
  • We will be there (a few student and staff facilitators from the UOW Peer Connection Team) to simply guide the conversation if required and give it a bit of structure. We're happy to sit back and let the conversation flow but if you're looking for a topic or an activity to get you started, that is where we can help.
  • Each conversation will go for approximately an hour (60 minutes).
  • You drop in and out as you need to - this really is purely about re-establishing that connection all UOW students like to feel with their peers.  

Once you register, you'll receive a confirmation for your booking and before your session starts, you will get an email with the details on how to join.

Couch Conversation session schedule

Couch Conversations are continuing with a Summer Series over the 2021-22 break so that you can stay connected.

Whatever your motivation, whether it's to share experiences, develop cross-cultural friendships, enhance your personal and professional skills or hear about tips, tricks upcoming opportunities - everyone is welcome!

Join your community and register for the sessions that suit you!

Wednesday 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm

Please note:

  • The Summer Series schedule runs from 1 December 2021 to 16 February 2022 and will take a short break from the week starting Monday 20 December 2021. Our first session back for 2022 will be Wednesday 12 January.
  • Due to the Australia Day public holiday on Wednesday 26 January 2022, this weeks session will be scheduled for Tuesday 25 January 2022.

Couch Conversations Team

Andrea Kornhoff


Always looking for a new adventure, Andrea came to Australia as a backpacker many years ago. Originally from Germany, Andrea completed her Bachelor degree in the UK followed by a Masters in Management at UOW. When she is not working with the UOW Student Programs Team, you will most likely find her outdoors or baking ‘proper' German bread.

Justin Luzuriaga CC staff


When Justin isn’t out in the garden tending to his plants, he’s playing with his miniature poodle, Otis! Well that is in between working in the UOW Peer Learning and Transition team. He grew up in Australia (where he graduated with an Arts/Commerce double degree from UOW) but his family is from the Philippines so culture is a big deal.

Soutara CC mentor


You're probably wondering where her name is from - it's Laos! Soutara loves travelling the world, and has been to Laos, England, the USA and Thailand. While doing her Masters degree (after completing undergraduate in Commerce), Soutara loves being a CC mentor - sharing experiences and cultural notes with anyone who joins in!


Lisa is a Couch Conversations regular who loves true crime podcasts and readings books (when she can find time between studying) and is doing her second Bachelor degree! After completing her Bachelor in Criminology & Criminal Justice, Lisa is now at UOW studying a Bachelor of Laws. You can say this is where her passion is, alongside this is a friendly smile that loves meeting new people.


Do you love new music, books, or great recommendations in general? Well, Yeshwanth (or Yesh) has got you covered! Currently studying a Masters in Marketing, Yesh is an inquisitive and social person who is always up for a conversation and an adventure. Yesh joins us from India, and his outlook can be summed up with “strangers are friends who haven’t met” – so Couch Conversations is where the fun happens.


Coming from the bustling metropolis of Bangladesh, Shakif enjoys a quieter lifestyle, making Wollongong his top choice when he can move to Australia. Studying a Bachelor of Engineering, Shakif is a foodie at heart and wants to try every cuisine on Earth. He has a love for cooking and sharing recipes, and a fascination with languages and the cultural understanding that comes with learning these.


Many people initially pronounce his name as ‘Sad’, but really Saad’s name means ‘happiness’. Originally from Pakistan, Saad has now moved to Wollongong to study IT and loves everything about the area - from the surrounding nature to amazing coffee (that he can never turn down). If you’re mad about soccer then Saad is your go-to, but he’s also happy to sit and listen regardless of the topic.


With a passion for helping people, Rupa is from Bangladesh and is completing her Masters in Work, Health & Safety. Although she didn’t like school when she was younger, Rupa now loves engaging with everything student, study, and teaching related at UOW! When she’s not helping others, Rupa loves to go on afternoon walks to take beautiful pictures, as well as cooking up delicious dishes!


Originally from South Africa, Carrin is now at UOW doing a Bachelor of Engineering & Mathematics. If you’re looking to get involved around Uni, then Carrin has all the tips for you from volunteering to work and everything in between! When she’s not busy with uni, you’ll find Carrin filling her spare time with piano, coding, video games or baking up some treats.

Conversation starters

Netflix and television shows What reality TV is helping you unwind after study?
Global Conversations travel Where are you dreaming about travelling?
Global conversations beach Anyone been missing the Aussie beaches in iso?
Global conversations culture Share something special about your culture

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