IT support FAQs

IT support and services, including equipment loan, is available to help you get set up for online learning.

IT support

How and when can students access IT support services? Student IT Support services are available during session at the following times: 

  • Monday - Friday: 8am to 10pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 8pm

Contact details

If you require in person support, please call to make an appointment prior to arriving at Building 17, Level 1.

Visit the Student IT Support page for further information, including support hours outside of session.

Visit the Student Computer Lab page for further information about labs, including opening hours.

The UOW Library and Student Labs are open, but we have limits in place on the number of people using the lab to comply with physical distancing requirements.

Some subject-specific software is available remotely. There is also Antivirus software available for your use.

To request or suggest software, please contact us on noting what you need.

UOW facilities are open, and the UOW Wi-Fi network, library, computer labs, research and study spaces are available to staff and students, subject to physical distancing requirements that must be followed in each location.

If you have issues with technology or constraints that impact on your ability to learn remotely, please contact us on

The University has a limited number of laptops and desktop computers available for loan, for students who need them in order to study online.

To request a computer, please contact us on

You can access useful tips and support in the Knowledge Base – which includes articles on using Webex, Zoom and remote learning tools.

UOW's Student Computer Labs remain open during opening hours, subject to physical distancing requirements and occupancy limits that must be followed.

The Wollongong Campus Library remains open during opening hours. Please see the regional and metropolitan campus library pages for opening hours at your campus.

Yes, UOW Wi-Fi network remains available on campus.

Most mobile phone headphones will work with your laptop or tablet.

Many retailers sell affordable headphones or connectors (electronics, supermarkets and petrol stations).

Please be aware that some retailers, including the Unishop, may have some restrictions on services (such as only being able to provide delivery and/or click and collect).

Each course will have unique arrangements. Check with your lecturer or subject coordinator to find out how you can schedule learning to your time zone.

Lectures stored in ECHO360, and content in your Moodle site should be available at a later time for review.

Real-time activities, such as live tutorial discussions, will often be scheduled in a range of different time slots; so you can select a tutorial groups at a time that is best suited to your own schedule. These tutorials are intended to run in real time for participants, and while arrangements could be made for review at a later time, they may not be recorded by default.

UOW students who are currently in China and who need assistance with accessing UOW online learning should contact their Subject Coordinator.

The Subject Coordinator will organise access to a virtual private network (VPN) connection through IT support. This will also speed up your access to learning resources over the internet.

UOW IMTS is continually reviewing the Zoom security settings for UOW and continuing to adjust and improve security for staff and students.

Zoom has recently made enhancements which allow us to have greater control over settings, including enhanced security for all users, and the Zoom Blog contains useful information about how to Zoom responsibly.

It is best practice to update your Zoom client as soon as an update becomes available.

As a student of the University, you will be aware that some sessions being delivered by UOW staff in remote learning mode may be streamed via video conferencing software, e.g. Zoom or WebEx, and may be recorded by UOW.

The recording of a class, tutorial or lecture will be communicated to all students prior to the session.

If you do not wish to be recorded you can leave your webcam turned off. This means that only your name and/or initials will be displayed (and in some circumstances your uploaded photo) to mark your participation.

If you have any concerns about participating in the recording, you may contact your subject coordinator to discuss your particular circumstances. Please note that UOW will exercise its discretion to delete any material from the recording.

Where a recording is made by UOW, it will be available on Moodle for a period of time communicated by the facilitator, and only shared with the students enrolled in this subject. Your subject coordinator will advise you of the purpose of sharing the recording, it will be focussed on assisting students with the requirements of the subject.

The recording may be hosted in the cloud and therefore, there may be instances where the recording may be held outside Australia. You may wish to refer to the provider's (e.g. WebEx's / Zoom's) privacy policy.

You must not download and use the recording for any other purpose as it may contain copyright material and personal information of others, which you are not authorised to use. You do not have permission to record online classes.

See UOW's privacy page for more information.