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Employer JobBoard


Make an early connection with talented UOW students and future graduates via our online careers and employment portal, CareerHub.

Advertise your job opportunities, including but not limited to; casual jobs, internships and graduate roles, on CareerHub, free of charge. Your advertisement will be viewable to over 28,000 UOW students and recent grads.

For a targeted approach that is more likely to yield a better response rate and views by students and who meet your eligibility criteria, we recommend our SMS and email out service.

To upload your job advertisement

  1. Read our terms and conditions.
  2. Log in to CareerHub or register a new account.
  3. Post your job advertisement.
  4. Submit your advertisement for our review.

 How to attract the best candidates to your organisation

  • The Position: Ensure the Job Title is clear and attractive to your audience, is a title that reflects the work within the role and appeals to potential applicants. The experience and skills required to become a successful employee should be well-defined. Make it clear if there is essential skills you need to be effective in the role.
  • Let’s face it is a competitive market out there! What Salary, benefits and location are you going to offer to entice a broad range of talented applicants to apply. Why would students choose your organisation over your competitors? Make it happen!!!
    If you are not sure about salaries and employment conditions visit the Fair Work website or call their helpline on 13 13 94.
  • Who Are You? Make sure students are aware of your brand, create and promote your brand by using easy to understand job descriptions. This gives applicants a transparent understanding of what your organisation and the role is all about and how their skills and expertise match the role on offer.
  • Cover letters are becoming a much more significant part of the recruitment process, it is your first look at potential applicants written communication skills, are they writing like they text their friends, or is there some sense of understanding of how a well written letter or email should read. Have they made an informed decision about wanting to work for your organisation?
  • Point of Contact: Who is going to be the point of contact if applicants require further information, this could save both you as the recruiter and the applicant a lot of time if they realise that they do not fit the criteria. An email address is essential and depending on the size of your organisation a phone number can also be helpful for potential applicants.
  • Timelines – what is the next step in the process? When will applications be closing or is the role going to remain open until it is filled by a suitable employee. Let applicants know what timelines to expect. Uni students are constantly adhering to deadlines and timelines with their assessments so provide some boundaries with the application process.