Grad-U-Ready Series

Let's focus on your employment

We want you to really focus on the position you are in right now – you're a recent graduate or your degree will soon be complete, and you're closing in on entering the job market. Not just any job market though but one at a time of extensive change for employers and grads alike. We’re here to back you up and show you ways to keep this graduate recruitment market within your control and understand how to navigate it. It’s about being competitive and being ready!

After years of study, I’m finally almost at the end of my degree and as I am getting closer to graduation, I know I need to start thinking about applying for jobs. I really want this to be my focus at the moment. I know that employers will only see what I have to offer on a piece of paper or in a short interview so I know that I really need to ace these things. Being able to talk directly to Career Coaches is really going to help me out with this and I really want to invest some time into it. I think the UOW Grad U Ready series is going to be so beneficial to me. It’s going to help me gain confidence and understand where I can take my degree and how I can convert it and all my hard years of study into getting the job I am aiming for.

What’s involved in the program?

The Grad-U-Ready Series for 2020 has concluded. The next instalment will be announced shortly. Keep checking here for updates.

You’ve got 4 weeks in the Grad-U-Ready Series and the program is suitable for final year students graduating in Spring 2020 and recent alumni who graduated in December 2019.

First, you will get an email each week outlining your tasks for the week. This will include a mix of online learning development tasks and group career coaching sessions, which in total will take around 1 – 2 hours per week.

You tackle each task at your own pace through the week OR you can even do them all at once - you choose what works for you. You will get out what you put in. These tasks centre on you and finding out what you have to offer in the field you want to enter. It’s about harnessing your strengths, learning how to manage your weaknesses and above all, learning how to make yourself irresistible to an employer in the current market.   

Grad-U-Ready Series schedule

You will be required to complete the below four series throughout the program. To help you track your progress and to make sure you don’t miss anything, we have created an automated workflow in CareerHub. You’ll get access to this upon registering into the program.

  • Series 1: Getting to know yourself and the world of work.
    Self-awareness is critical when you’re applying for jobs and entering the workplace so it’s important to really understand who you are and your style of work. You’ll also explore different career pathways and workplace cultural preferences.

  • Series 2: Now tell us about yourself (on paper).
    Learn how to craft your resume and cover letter to sell your unique skillset and ensure you set yourself apart from the pack when applying for roles after graduation.

  • Series 3: Talk the talk.
    Build your expertise and confidence in navigating the interview process, both online and in person; and learn more about your personal brand and how to finesse your elevator pitch to really impress at interviews.

  • Series 4: Looking back in order to look ahead.
    It’s all about career resilience, motivation and developing a career action plan. It is optional for students to also explore self-employment.

Benefits of the program

Group Career Coaching sessions
UOWx female student UOWx Recognised
Gain access as a member of the JOC Talent Pool

Get to know your Career Coaches

Nicole Smith
Nicole Pearson Nicole Pearson
Jade Andrews

Get in touch

If you need support throughout the Series you can contact the Grad-U-Ready Series team