Subject credit and exemption

Credit for prior learning

If you have previously studied a subject at another institution (or under a different UOW degree), you may be eligible to have the subject assessed to have the achievement added to your current or future degree as a 'credit' and/or an 'exemption', i.e., exempt from studying the subject (or similar subjects) again.

There are two types of credit:

  1. Specified: this means you have studied a subject which is equivalent to a UOW subject; or
  2. Unspecified: this means the subject is not exactly the same as a UOW subject, but will count towards your degree and reduce the number of elective subjects needed to complete your degree.

You are encouraged to familiarise yourself with the University's Credit for Prior Learning Policy (PDF), and to liaise with the AskUOW team regarding which subjects may be eligible in these circumstances. 

If it is determined that a subject may be eligible for consideration, depending on your status as a student, i.e., a Current or Future student of UOW, the Credit for Prior Learning form must be completed.