Academic consideration documentation portal

All applications for Academic Consideration must be supported by documentary evidence (section 9 of the Student Academic Consideration Policy). Applications without suitable documentary evidence will not be verified by front-line staff or forwarded to the relevant Subject Coordinator for consideration, even where the circumstance complies with eligibility.

What you need to do

  1. Ensure you complete your SOLS application before you finalise your application through this portal; and 
  2. Ensure you are familiar with the eligibility criteria as outlined on the Academic Consideration (application criteria and processes) webpage.
  3. Statutory declarations must be supported with secondary evidence and, under the Oaths Act 1900, must be authorised in the presence of an authorised witness, i.e.
    Justice of the Peace (JP)
    - Lawyer; or
    - Notary public (for offshore students)

NOTE: If you are a UOW College student, please finalise your application by contacting the College reception on (02) 4252 8804, or via email at: If you are a student of a regional or satellite campus, please contact your campus administration for instructions.

Student Academic Consideration documentation portal

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