Cross-institutional and non-award study

Cross institutional study

UOW students

Where a student would like to study subjects at another University to count subjects towards their degree (at UOW), the following cross-institutional study options may be considered. Students can:

  1. Complete the 'Cross-Institutional Study at another University' application form and seek approval from their relevant Faculty.  It is important to provide (as supporting documentation):
    • a student 'Enrolment' record (request via SOLS); and
    • the subject description(s) from the other University.
  2. The student should contact the other University to arrange cross-institutional enrolment (for the subject(s) proposed to study).
  3. If you are a Commonwealth Supported student, you may need a HELP Status Letter to provide to the other University.  These letters summarise your current course of study and your Commonwealth Supported status (to ensure you are eligible for the same Commonwealth assistance for the cross-institutional enrolment).  To request a HELP status letter, please email your request to: 

What happens next?

  1. When the application is approved by the students Faculty, the student will be enrolled into an 'XINT' subject in SOLS, and will receive a SOLSMail to provide to the other University.
  2. When study is completed, the student must return their academic transcript from the other University (original or certified copy) to the AskUOW team in Student Central  (to ensure the UOW 'Enrolment' record is updated) - it can take up to one week for the credit to be added.

Important: If a student is in their final session of study, cross-institutional study may delay their graduation, this will depend on when the student obtains their academic transcript (from the other University). It is important to keep on top of the 'Last date to apply to Graduate' with UOW.

Other University students

If a student (from another University) would like to study subjects at UOW (to count towards their degree) they are welcome to apply for cross institutional study.  The cut-off date to receive such applications at UOW is one (1) week prior to the start of session (as per UOW key dates). 

To undertake cross-institutional study at UOW, students may:

  1. Refer to the Course Handbook to consider subjects available (if the other University requires subject outlines - you may also contact the relevant Faculty to request copies).
  2. Complete the Cross-Institutional Student Form at UOW.  The following evidence is also required as part of the application:
    • A letter from the University confirming the subjects planned to undertake at UOW (which will be credited towards the current course)
    • A certified copy (by a Justice of the Peace) of a transcript detailing previous studies; and
    • A certified copy (by a Justice of the Peace) of the student's birth certificate, passport, visa and/or Australian Citizenship certificate.  For international students - evidence of satisfactory English result is also required, then 
  3. Return the completed application to the AskUOW team in Student Central.

Non award study (at UOW)

Non Award study is where a student studies a (or several) subject(s) which will not form part of a full degree.  Applications are assessed by the Faculty in line with normal entry requirements. Non-award subjects are charged a per-credit point rate (fees information here).  To apply for non-award study:

  1. Complete the Non-award study application form. The form should include:
    1. A certified copy (by a Justice of the Peace) of any completed tertiary studies
    2. A certified copy (by a Justice of the Peace) of your birth certificate, passport, visa, or Australian Citizenship certificate.  For international students - evidence of a satisfactory English result is also required, then 
  2. Return the completed form to the AskUOW team in Student Central

Important: the last date to submit an application is one (1) week prior to the start of the session (as per key dates).