group of 2023 finalists of the alumni awards


Year Award Winner UOW Degree/s
2023 Professional Excellence Professor Faye McMillan AM FPS Master of Indigenous Health (2006)
Young Alumni Dr Natalie Matosin Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours), 2011
Doctor of Philosophy, 2015
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Paul Smith Associate Diploma in Sports Science, 1986
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Glenn Farrant and Jahmai Lay Respectively, Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science), 1994 and Bachelor of Computer Science, 2004
Social Impact Honorary Professor Tanya Buchanan Doctor of Philosophy, 2021
Research & Scholarship Distinguished Professor Omowunmi Sadik Doctor of Philosophy, School of Chemistry and Bioscience, 1994
Arts & Culture Dr Virginia Keft Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours), 2001
Doctor of Philosophy, 2007
2022 Professional Excellence Prof John Daly Bachelor of Arts, 1987
Master of Education (Honours), 1989
Young Alumni Dr Justin Cain Bachelor of Science (Exercise Science), 2012
Doctor of Medicine, 2017
Young Alumni Sally O'Donnell Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws, 2010
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Dr Alexander Badran Bachelor of Mathematics Advanced Honours, 2009
Social Impact Jessica Smith OAM Bachelor of Science, 2007
Research & Scholarship Prof Justin Yerbury AM Bachelor of Commerce, 1995
Bachelor of Science (Honours) - Advanced, 2004
Doctor of Philosophy, 2008
2021 Professional Excellence Monica Barone Master of Creative Arts, 1991 
Young Alumni Susan Zhang

Master of Information Communication Technology, 2011
Bachelor of Computer Science, 2010

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Ray Tubman

Bachelor of Mathematics, 1988

Social Impact Anuradha Gupta Master of Business Administration, 1993 
Research & Scholarship Anthony Okely

Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Physical & Health Education), 1993
Doctor of Education, 1999

2020 Professional Excellence Van Badham

Bachelor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing), 1996

Young Alumni Rick Martin

Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) / Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry), 2014

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Katherine McConnell

Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Commerce (Japanese, Economics & Management), 1999

Social Impact  Carol Kiernan

Bachelor of Arts, 1977
Bachelor of Arts (Honours), 1978

2019 Professional Excellence Paul Harris

Bachelor of Education (Physical & Health Education), 1999

Young Alumni Julia Green Bachelor of Medical and Radiation Physics, 2008
Masters of Science, 2011
Research & Scholarship Professor Aibing Yu

Doctor of Philosophy (Materials Engineering), 1990

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Mike Sneesby

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering), 1996

Social Impact  Dr Sameer Dixit Master of Science (Biotechnology), 1996
Bachelor of Science (Honours), 1999
2018 Professional Excellence Tanya de Hoog Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering), 1996
Young Alumni Tom Moore Bachelor of Commerce, 2010
Research & Scholarship Professor James Goudkamp Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Laws, 2003
Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, 2005
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Natalie Chapman Graduate Certificate in Management, 1998
Master of Commerce, 2002
Master of Business Administration, 2009
Social Impact  Diane Manns Master of Business Administration (Executive), 2016 
2017 Professional Excellence Matt Bullock Bachelor of Computer Science (Computer Science & Mathematics), 1993 
Young Alumni  Deng Adut Master of Laws (Criminal Prosecutions), 2014
Research & Innovation  Dr John Best Doctor of Philosophy (Mathematics), 1991
Social Impact  Sally Riley Bachelor of Creative Arts (Theatre), 1991
2016    Professional Excellence Dr Ken Silburn Doctor of Education, 2009 
Young Alumni  Larissa Robertson Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), 2004 
Research & Innovation  Prof Peter Quinn Bachelor of Science (Hons), 1977
Social Impact  Kate Swaffer  Master of Science (Dementia Care), 2014 
2015     Professional Excellence  Sunil Chandra Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering), 1995
Young Alumni  Kimberley Abbott  Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)/Bachelor of Science (Exercise Science), 2012 
Research & Innovation  Prof Alex Frino Bachelor of Commerce (Accountancy), 1989 
Master of Commerce (Hons) (Accountancy), 1991
Social Impact  Dr Diann Rodgers-Healey  PhD Education, 2009
Graduate Certificate in Business Coaching, 2011
2014    Outstanding Alumni  The Honourable Tashi Wangmo Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), 1998  
Young Alumni  Dr Teena Downton  Bachelor of Medical Science, 2008
Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery, 2012 
Community Service  Grahame Gould  Master of Clinical Psychology, 2000  
2013    Outstanding Alumni  Prof Patricia Davidson  Bachelor of Arts, 1985
Master of Education, 1993  
Young Alumni  Tristan Knowles OAM  Bachelor of Commerce, 2005 
Community Service  Glen Moore  Bachelor of Science, 1968