Omowunmi Sadik in front of teh duck pond at her 1994 graduation. She wears a black grad hat and a blue and red cloak

Distinguished Professor Omowunmi Sadik

2023 Alumni Award for Research and Scholarship

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Chemistry and Bioscience, 1994

An esteemed academic, chemist, and inventor, Distinguished Professor Omowunmi Sadik is a genuine trailblazer in her field.

Specialising in surface chemistry with an emphasis on the development of biosensors for use in environmental chemistry, Omowunmi has developed novel microelectrode biosensors sensitive to trace amounts of organic materials for use in applications including drug and bomb detection. She has also advanced studies into detoxification mechanisms of wastes such as organochlorine compounds in the environment.

Omowunmi is a Distinguished Professor and Chair in the Department of Chemistry at the New Jersey Institutes of Technology (NJIT), and Director of the NJIT BioSensors Materials for Advanced Research & Technology (The BioSMART Center). Her research group focuses on understanding interfaces and applying this knowledge to pursue innovative bioanalytical sensing technologies to improve human health and the environment.  

Widely respected in her field, Omowunmi has been awarded numerous prestigious fellowships and appointments. She holds five US patents, is widely published and cited, and is an internationally sought-after speaker and collaborator. As Co-Founder and President of the Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization, she has engaged scientists and the public worldwide with sustainable nanotechnology and its biological and environmental applications and implications. She is also a passionate mentor to women and girls in STEM.

Nigerian born and raised, Omowunmi’s high profile, prolific research outputs, passionate advocacy, and extraordinary innovation have elevated the accomplishments of Nigerian scientists, particularly female scientists, on a global stage. She was the fourth woman and the first female scientist to be honoured with the Nigerian National Order of Merit Award, recognising her achievements in science and innovation, professional standing, and contribution to developing sustainable educational and research solutions. She was also the first Nigerian American awarded the distinguished Harvard University Radcliffe Fellowship.  

Distinguished Professor Omowunmi Sadik has demonstrated outstanding academic excellence in her field and an enduring commitment to engaging academia and the wider community with sustainable nanotechnology research.