Julia Green

2019 Young Alumni Award

Chief Medical Physicist at the Alan Walker Cancer Care Centre (AWCCC) in Darwin

Bachelor of Medical and Radiation Physics, 2008

Master of Science, 2011

Julia Green is a dynamic and inspiring young clinical leader and researcher, bringing an extraordinary level of technical ability, communication and empathy to delivering high quality cancer care to the people of the Northern Territory.

Julia is Chief Medical Physicist at the Alan Walker Cancer Care Centre (AWCCC) in Darwin. Over the past four years she has had an immense impact on the delivery and strategic direction of cancer care in the region, including designing novel treatment programs to overcome the absence of key medical equipment. Among these was a customised approach to stereotactic ablative body therapy for lung cancer that enabled more patients to be treated faster, and closer to their homes and families. This and other innovations have enabled the centre to double the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients receiving best-practice care.

Putting patients at the heart of AWCCC’s services has been a defining feature of Julia’s contribution. She brings deep empathy to her approach, communicating with patients and their families in a way that appreciates their anxieties and socio-cultural context. Julia has driven a fundamental shift in the culture of the unit, guiding those around her to a more collaborative approach that respects and honours the patient experience. This includes encouraging her team to learn the basics of the traditional language of the local Yolngu people.

The remote environment presents a diversity of challenges, from dealing with extreme weather and wildlife to the issues of funding and equipment scarcity common to many rural and remote locations. Julia has embraced and overcome these obstacles with a sense of energy and adventure, a readiness to innovate and a level of maturity beyond her years.

Despite the demands of her clinical role, Julia has maintained a rich research practice focused on improving the delivery of radiotherapy treatment and clinical outcomes. She is a passionate contributor to the medical physics profession, lobbying for better resources and advancing training – both at AWCCC and more broadly through her work with ACPSEM, the national professional body for medical physicists.

Julia is committed to inspiring more young people, and girls in particular, to follow their passion and explore the possibilities of STEM careers and subjects. She regularly speaks to UOW students on the importance of communication, human interaction and business management in working as a physicist, and welcomes students into her department for experiential learning. She has given her time as a mentor and delivers inspirational and insightful talks at schools.

Chancellor, that Julia Green has rapidly scaled the heights of her profession – and with such transformational impact – at just 32 years of age is remarkable. She is an exceptional leader, clinician and researcher delivering genuine human impact.

I am delighted to present Ms Julia Green for the Young Alumni Award.